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Cashman explains discovery of Rodriguez’s left hip problem

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These are Brian Cashman’s words, explianing the step-by-step details of discovering Alex Rodriguez’s left hip problem…

“In the playoffs when Joe Girardi went to Alex in the dugout (during Game 3 of the division series) — up to this point there was no complaints of any nature at all from his hip, or anything really. He wasn’t getting any treatment on anything.

“At that point Joe went to Alex in the dugout and said, ‘I’m going to pinch?hit for you and we’re going to pinch?hit Ibañez,’ and Alex said to Joe at that moment, ‘Okay.’ He said, ‘I’ve got to talk to you about something. I think my right hip needs to be looked at. I just don’t feel like I’m firing on all cylinders.’ Something to that effect. No complaint of pain or anything of that nature. So after that Oriole game, Alex went to the hospital that night to get an exam, an MRI to his right hip, which was clean.

“So he went down to Baltimore and continued the decision?making process of when to play him, not play him. But we felt comforted that he was clean on the exam on his right hip, which is what he raised to Girardi in that dugout that day. And we moved forward. As a player that was available to us and at full go.

“But we had to schedule — as we do every winter — to have him looked at in Colorado, and he did that. I don’t have the date with me here. And at that meeting with Philippon, they did re-do the MRI. The right hip was fine, but he had discovered the left hip was a problem. That despite being asymptomatic in terms of pain and things of that nature, that the left hip had indeed — what the press release has provided today — a labrum tear with some other things, and it was the recommendation that he needs to have surgery.

“So we had Alex see also Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York at HSS, Hospital For Special Surgery, to be evaluated by Kelly as well as our team doctor, Dr. Ahmad, on the left hip because it was a completely different circumstance, and that was confirmed that indeed the left hip would require surgery. So we are now in the process of him getting rehabilitation in preparation for that surgery, and he will have surgery, and it will take him out four to six months from surgery.”