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Could Reynolds be a fallback plan at third?

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Just thinking out loud…

We already know the Yankees check in with just about everyone, so it’s little surprise that they’ve met with Mark Reynolds’ agent. [2]It’s also no secret that — like most of the corner infielders on the market — Reynolds is obviously flawed. He hits for a ton of power, but he strikes out an unthinkable amount (even more than Curtis Granderson). He’s technically a third baseman, but not a very good one.

I can’t help wondering if he might be a good fallback option as a guy who can fill the third base hole if absolutely necessary, but would ideally become the Yankees designated hitter and backup first baseman.

If the Yankees signed Reynolds, it could be similar to when they traded for Nick Swisher. At the time of the trade, Swisher was the Yankees best option at first base, but things adjusted when the Yankees signed Mark Teixiera. Swisher took away the desperation without eliminating other options. Reynolds could — for now — pencil in as the Yankees starting third baseman, but they could certainly keep looking for better defensive options. And assuming they find one, Reynolds could move easily into their wide-open DH spot.

As it is, the Yankees don’t have much right-handed power, and Reynolds could certainly provide that. Although he’s really an all-or-nothing guy, he actually has a career .367 on-base percentage against lefties. He could help fill a desperate need for now, then slide into a more appropriate role later.