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On Day 3, Cashman hopes to make something happen

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[2]Tomorrow is the Rule 5 draft and the mass exodus. Today is, in reality, the last full day of the Winter Meetings. And Brian Cashman — despite all of his talk about patience and a limited market — has said there’s a good chance the Yankees will get something done before they leave Nashville.

“We’re down an outfielder,” he said. “I have two center fielders on the board, that I have under control, and I can move them around any which way. If I sign a right fielder or a left fielder, I can just move guys accordingly. I’m looking for a corner outfielder. Doubt I can upgrade on what we have catching-wise, because the defense is an important aspect for us. The bat’s a secondary aspect. That’s why starters who can do defense and offense make a lot of money.

“I’m not optimistic on the catching side that this market, via trade or free agency is going to produce something that I can feel comfortable with. We’ll still keep looking at it, so don’t count me out of it, but your focus should be — while you’re watching what we do — you should be focusing on the outfield, on the left side of the infield. That’s where your priorities should be, because that’s where mine are.”

As usual, the Yankees have been connected to just about every remotely logical free agent on the market. And as usual, Cashman’s camp has been quiet. From the outside, there’s been a lot of speculation; not a lot of details. Cashman might have something up his sleeve, and if he does, something could happen today.

“I think that we’ll be in a position, I would think, to leave here with doing something,” Cashman said. “But that doesn’t mean we will. I want to come here every time I go to the Winter Meetings, I want to get something done. I’ve been disappointed many times leaving, but that’s not going to make me do something.”

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