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Jeter sounds off for Autism Speaks

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[2]Chaotic inactivity. That’s the reality of covering the Winter Meetings. There always might be something going on, and that’s always on your mind when nothing is going on. That’s especially true when the Yankees are completely quiet, yet somehow connected to every remotely logical free agent on the market.

Now that it’s over, I’m still making my way north, and I’m sure we’ll spend a many more days trying to grasp what exactly the Yankees might do going forward. For now, let’s jump to something completely different, a small item that’s been sitting in my email inbox since I arrived in Nashville.

You can receive a customized audio message from Derek Jeter and help a terrific cause in the process.

Sound Off For Autism Speaks is, according to its website, [3]a one of a kind campaign where fans can get a custom recorded message from their favorite celebrity. Users pick their custom message for just $299, the celebrity records it for them and Autism Speaks delivers a digital file of the celebrity speaking their actual message! 100% of the proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks.

So, if you want Derek Jeter to record your voicemail message or tell someone happy birthday, Austism Speaks can make that happen. There are some other celebrities doing the same thing. Granted, $299 isn’t cheap, but it’s still pretty cool. The offer is for a limited time only, so go check it out.