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Are you holding out hope for Hamilton?

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Based on everything we’ve heard and seen — not willing to give more money to Russell Martin, focusing on one-year deals, avoiding any sort of significant investment in 2014 — the idea of the Yankees signing Josh Hamilton sound absurd.

But we’ve seen the Yankees reverse course and┬ámake stunning decisions in the past.

Hamilton is still the best bat on the market, and the Yankees have a place to play him in right field. Bob Nightengale has heard that some in the organization are doing some digging on Hamilton. [2]What does that mean? I have no idea. Could be a few guys asking questions out of curiosity. Could be someone in power preparing to make a move. Joel Sherman points out that we’ve seen the Yankees give in to pressure in the past, [3] and certainly the pressure is on right now.

I’ll add two things: 1. The idea of Hamilton taking a short-term contract is hard for me to swallow. He’s the best hitter on a market that’s clearly willing and able to spend money. And he’s well aware of his own health problems. This is a prime opportunity for him to cash in and gain some stability. 2. If the Yankees can’t get Hamilton on some sort of over-the-top, short-term deal, a long-term commitment to could be the kind of thing that kills this franchise for the next few years. It could very well be a second Alex Rodriguez deal, and already the Yankees are struggling to weather the storm of one such contract.

Do you believe the Yankees could be in the market for Hamilton? And would you want them to be?