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Looking ahead: The Cano decision

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[2]Are the Yankees going to be able to re-sign Robinson Cano next winter? Do their financial plans make a new contract impossible, or are the Yankees limiting spending right now so that they can lock up their second baseman a year from now?

With reporters in the Dominican Republic and here in the United States, the Daily News today looked into Cano’s pending free agency. [3]

“I don’t think he’ll be with the Yankees beyond next season,” one source told the Daily News. “He’s not giving them a hometown discount, and they seem to be more interested in keeping their payroll down than winning.”

No hometown discount is something we’ve heard before, and Cano has never said anything to suggest otherwise. He’s going to get a massive contract, that’s inevitable. Only question is whether the Yankees are going to give it to him.

It might not seem like it, but the Yankees have spent money this season. It’s been spent exclusively in re-signing players, but they have spent money. And by keeping that money limited to one-year deals, as the article notes, they have nearly $60 million coming off the payroll next season. That will give them flexibility to give Cano a massive deal if they choose to do so. Granted, doing so would limit their ability to spend elsewhere — and significantly increase the need for young, cheap players to emerge at other positions — but it could happen. In fact, the Yankees financial approach to this winter could be with Cano’s upcoming contract in mind.

At this point — knowing he’ll want a superstar contract, and knowing the Yankees want to save money — do you expect Cano to be back? Do you want him back?

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