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Why this year feels different

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Every once in a while, I like to dig into the LoHud archives for some perspective. Every winter seems to move more slowly than the last, and it’s good to look back to find the truth of the matter. Is it really unusual to spend the 11th of December waiting for news on a pair of veterans? Is it odd that there are significant holes in the roster? Should it be alarming that other teams seems far more active than the Yankees at this point?

The blog headline exactly one year ago today:

Looking back at a busy week (for teams other than the Yankees) [2]

Guess some things never change. A year ago today, the Yankees were coming out of the Winter Meetings having apparently accomplished nothing. They’d made two Rule 5 selections (pitchers who never got in a game for the Yankees) and won the rights to a Japanese shortstop (who ultimately never signed), but that was it. More than a month later we discovered the Yankees had also laid the groundwork for the Montero/Pineda trade during those Winter Meetings.

Interestingly, three years (and one day) ago, our old friend Sam Borden wrote this: Patience is a virtue (except when it isn’t). [3]His point was that a general manager — or anyone, really — has to be willing to wait, but only if he’s also willing to strike when the time is right. Have to wonder, though, just how much striking can the Yankees do at this point?

That question seems to be the biggest difference between this year and others in recent memory.