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Best of what’s left: Which ones fit the Yankees?

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When the offseason started, the crew over that MLB Trade Rumors came up with this list of the top 50 free agents.  [2]Most of these have already signed. Of the ones who are still available, which ones fit for the Yankees? The short answer: Not many.Names in bold are still unsigned.

1. Zack Greinke
2. Josh Hamilton
3. Michael Bourn
The Yankees have been connected to Bourn, but I just don’t see how they’re a match unless they trade Brett Gardner and decide to spend on Bourn, which doesn’t fit at all with their current plans.

4. Anibal Sanchez
5. B.J. Upton
6. Nick Swisher
The Yankees need a right fielder, need a power bat and could use a switch hitter. Re-signing Swisher would make a lot of sense if not for the Yankees financial situation.

7. Edwin Jackson
Not an ace, but certainly durable, and the Yankees could certainly use some rotation durability. Thing is, the Yankees have already made their significant rotation additions. At this point they seem more likely to go digging for fifth-starter competition, not best-of-what’s-left rotation upgrades.

8. Dan Haren
9. Hiroki Kuroda
10. Kyle Lohse
The market for Lohse has been remarkably quiet, which might have something to do with the first-round draft pick attached to him. His situation is similar to Jackson in that he’s probably not the kind of rotation addition the Yankees are looking for at this point.

11. Angel Pagan
12. Shane Victorino
13. David Ortiz
14. Mike Napoli
15. Adam LaRoche
The Yankees still don’t have a designated hitter, so technically they have a spot for LaRoche. But he’s defensively limited to first base, and he comes with a draft pick attached. LaRoche might be one of the best bats available, but he might not be the kind of DH the Yankees are looking for.

16. Ryan Dempster
17. Rafael Soriano
I have no idea how the market is going to play out for Soriano. In one way, the Yankees are the team best equipped to sign him — they wouldn’t lose a draft pick to do so, and they might have reason to look for closer depth behind Mariano Rivera — but it would be fairly stunning to see the market actually play out that way.

18. Melky Cabrera
19. Shaun Marcum
There’s plenty to like about Marcum — he just turned 31 and has pitched pretty well the past three years — and his market could come into focus after Jackson comes off the board. I actually think he might make sense for the Yankees on a two-year deal, but I doubt they feel the same way.

20. Torii Hunter
21. Russell Martin
22. Cody Ross
The Yankees need a designated hitter. And they need a right-handed outfielder. And they need right-handed power. So, yes, Ross could fit on the Yankees roster. Whether he fits their payroll is a little less certain.

23. Marco Scutaro
24. Stephen Drew
25. Joe Saunders
Still an uncertain market for these second-tier starters. If he were forced to settle for a one-year deal, would Saunders be considered an upgrade over Ivan Nova? His upside isn’t as significant, but Saunders might be more reliable.

26. Ryan Ludwick
27. Kevin Youkilis
28. Francisco Liriano
On a one-year deal, as left-hander who could compete for a rotation spot or fall into the bullpen? In theory, Liriano would make sense, but the fact is that he hasn’t been very good lately. He has a 4.85 ERA the past four seasons, and durability is an issue.

29. Carlos Villanueva
As a long reliever and spot starter, Villanueva would be a nice and versatile piece of almost any pitching staff. But the Yankees might be better of saving their money and trusting David Phelps to once again play that role.

30. A.J. Pierzynski
A catcher who can hit. It’s exactly the thing the Yankees don’t have, but they also seem unconvinced on Pierzynski’s defense and disinterested in the offensive upgrade. It’s easy to see reasons he fits. The Yankees seem to see reasons he doesn’t.

31. Joe Blanton
32. Brandon Morrow
33. Jason Grilli
34. Kyuji Fujikawa
35. Koji Uehara
36. Ryan Madson
37. Joakim Soria
38. Joel Peralta
39. Mariano Rivera
40. Ichiro Suzuki
Technically still a free agent. A matter of time before his Yankees deal becomes official.

41. Jeff Keppinger
42. Mike Adams
43. Andy Pettitte
44. Jose Valverde
The guy who lost his closer job in Detroit. Now he’ll almost certainly have to settle for a setup job, and the Yankees seem to have plenty of setup relievers. If he somehow falls into the bargain bin, he might be worth a small one-year deal, but it’s hard to consider him an upgrade over what’s already in place for the Yankees.

45. Jonathan Broxton
46. Scott Baker
47. Sean Burnett
48. Jeremy Guthrie
49. Eric Chavez
50. Jeremy Affeldt