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The Red Sox and Bobby Abreu

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[2]Here’s what we know based on reports out of Boston: The Red Sox sent a scouts to Venezeula to watch Bobby Abreu work out. [3] As part of the drills, he did some work at first base. The trip has been dismissed as “background work” [4] and there seems to be little sense that the Red Sox are aggressively pursuing Abreu.

Why does that matter? The short answer is, it probably doesn’t, but there are two points of interest for the Yankees.

The first is obvious: Abreu used to play for the Yankees, the Red Sox are their division rivals, and that combination sparks some natural curiosity.

The second point of interest is that the Yankees still have an opening at designated hitter, had some interest in Raul Ibanez (another veteran left-handed hitter) for the position, and are looking for cheap, short-term contracts, which almost certainly fits Abreu’s market.

Does any of that mean the Yankees might also have some interest? Probably not. Abreu’s been pretty bad the past few years, but it’s interesting that he’s working out and other teams are at least giving him a look. Abreu’s production has dipped considerably, especially his power, but he still gets on base a decent amount and has had success at Yankee Stadium.

Minor league deal to give him a shot? I guess that couldn’t hurt, but at this point Abreu’s upside seems pretty limited and his downside seems far more likely. He’s a familiar name who — in theory — could fill a role, but his recent body of work suggests such a theory will never actually progress to being a reality.