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Rodriguez’s left hip surgery complete

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The Yankees have announced that Alex Rodriguez is out of surgery. Dr. Bryan Kelly completed the repair of Rodriguez’s left hip today at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, and according to the Yankees, everything went “as planned and without complication.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Kelly estimated that the operation would take roughly two hours. During that time Dr. Kelly would examine the joint cartilage, reshape the femur bone and reattach Rodriguez’s torn labrum.

“We’re literally trying to increase range of motion,” Dr. Kelly, said. “So this requires a tremendous amount of muscle reeducation post-operative that is very different from traditional rehab, and in that respect, the rehab component of this is really critical.”

Rodriguez is expected to be discharged tomorrow. He’ll then begin a supervised rehabilitation program, which Dr. Kelly has explained as including five steps.

1. Healing phase: Lasts about six weeks. Only range of motion exercises.
2. Early strengthening phase: Could take another six weeks or so for tissue to fully heal, and during that time they’ll be protective.
3. Strengthening phase: Roughly three months after the surgery, Rodriguez can begin strengthening in an “aggressive fashion.”
4. Endurance phase: After Rodriguez builds enough strength to do regular workouts, he’ll then be able to train for athletic strength and endurance.
5. Coordination phase: This is the last part of Rodriguez’s rehab, which Dr. Kelly described as “the functional return to sport.”

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