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Positive signs after A-Rod’s hip surgery

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[2]I realize that in this age of fake girlfriends and lying cyclists, it’s a terrible idea to make an assumption. That said, I’m willing to give Dr. Bryan Kelly the benefit of the doubt.

He’s a hip specialist at a highly respected hospital where some of the most highly paid athletes in the world have trusted him with their careers. You can find his resume [3]easily enough, and it’s legitimately overwhelming.

Basically, I’m willing to believe that Dr. Kelly can reshape a femur and reattach a labrum.

But when Alex Rodriguez went in for surgery this week, not everything was in Dr. Kelly’s hands, and as he explained earlier this month, the success or failure of Rodriguez’s recovery is going to hinge partially on the damage to his cartilage, which can’t be fixed or replaced.

Now there are two reports [4] saying the same thing: [5]Dr. Kelly did his job just fine, and Rodriguez’s knee just might live up to its part of the bargain as well. Both the New York Post and New York Daily News have quoted sources saying there was even less cartilage damage than Dr. Kelly anticipated.

“One thing is certain,” Dr. Kelly said before the surgery. “The less permanent damage you have to the cartilage, the greater the probability is for return to pre-injury level of play.”

So that’s a bit of good news to consider for the next six months while Rodriguez goes through the long rehab process.

Photo from Rodriguez’s Facebook page