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Jeter plans to start running in spring training; says “There’s no need to rush”

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Last night, MLB Network aired a one-on-one interview between Harold Reynolds and Derek Jeter. The video is embedded above — should be anyway, assuming I did this correctly — or you can follow this link to the MLB Network site. [2]

A few highlights…

Jeter on the “Derek Eater” picture on the cover of the Post
“Somebody had sent me the picture. I thought, you know how sometimes they’ll take someone’s picture and they’ll say, ‘This is what they’re gonna look like 50 years from now.’ You know what I’m saying? So, I thought it was a joke, and then they said, ‘No, this is on the front page of the paper.’ So, that’s how I found out about it. … You start looking at yourself, you know, because everyone was telling me it looked like I had lost weight. Then you’re like, ‘Man, are they lying to me?’ But no, they had fun with it.”

Jeter on his broken ankle in October
“I felt it snap so I knew I wasn’t playing the next day. … Not this time. I knew this time something was wrong with it. It was two times in my career I knew I wasn’t playing, one was my shoulder, and this was the second time.”

Jeter on his recovery and his preparation for Opening Day
“It feels good now. Right where I feel it should be. … My target’s the season. My target’s always the season. Spring Training is so long. You start playing games. You don’t play all the games to begin with. You start playing a little bit more towards the end of Spring. I haven’t talked to our trainers, I don’t know what my schedule is like, but I’ll be ready for the regular season. … I’ll start running and doing all the other things in Spring Training. There’s no need to rush.”

Jeter on the Yankees fairly quiet winter
“I like when we bring teams back. We were pretty successful in the regular season last year. We won the most games in the American League, which didn’t translate into the playoffs, but we had a good team and we have an opportunity to bring a lot of guys back. We’re going to lose a few important parts of our team, but a lot of the guys are back and I’m always excited at this time of year.”

Jeter on how long he will continue to play
“I never have, ever in my career, sat around and thought about years from now. I always focus on one particular year and, right now, I’m focused on 2013. I’m rehabbing my ankle, getting ready for Opening Day. I can’t sit here and tell you. I take it one year at a time.”