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Weekend leftovers: Cashman, Teixeira and unfinished business

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Cool post from John this morning, and I’m sure I’ll end up looking back at it later today, but for now I want to make sure three things didn’t slip your attention over the weekend.

• Speaking on Jim Bowden’s radio show, Brian Cashman said he’s still looking for a right-handed outfielder.  [2]When the Yankees signed Juan Rivera to a minor league contract last week, they basically took the best remaining free agent option off the market, so I have to think Cashman is referring to a potential trade.  

• Terrific stuff from my friend Dan Barbarisi who wrote this weekend about Mark Teixeira’s attitude on getting older. [3] It’s full of rarely heard honesty from a professional athlete who acknowledges his best days are behind him. “And instead of trying to do things differently on the backside of my career, why not focus on the things I do well, and try to be very good at that?” Teixeira said.

• On the 15th anniversary of Cashman becoming the Yankees general manager, Richard Justice took a look back at Cashman’s time at the helm. [4] “Regardless of how 2013 plays out, Cashman’s legacy seems secure,” Justice wrote. “He took over the Yankees at a time when Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada were on their way to defining another era of Yankee dominance. Cashman — along with the Steinbrenner family, Jeter and others — has kept it going. The Yankees have won just one championship the last 11 seasons, but they’ve been in the mix every year. As legacies go — and especially Yankee legacies — that’s not a bad one.”