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Cervelli: “I purchased supplements that I am certain were not prohibited”

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[2]Last night, Yahoo! Sports reported [3] that Francisco Cervelli’s name was among those found in the handwritten records of Biogenesis, the Miami clinic with reported links to performance enhancing drugs. Yahoo! noted that Cervelli’s name was never specifically linked to PEDs, but was simply listed in the clinic’s records.

Around 10:30 last night, Cervelli responded with a statement [4] via Twitter: [5]

Following my foot injury in March 2011, I consulted with a number of experts, including BioGenesis Clinic, for legal ways to aid my rehab and recovery. I purchased supplements that I am certain were not prohibited by Major League Baseball.

Ryan Braun, whose name was also found in the records, also said that he had connection with Anthony Bosch but that the connection had nothing to do with acquiring performance enhancing drugs.

The fact Cervelli and Braun have admitted some connection to the clinic does seem to add some validity to the handwritten records, which might not be good news for Alex Rodriguez. Might not be good news for Jesus Montero either. He’s also reportedly named in the records. [6]