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The competition begins

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I’m not sure exactly which pitchers are scheduled to throw bullpens today — the clubhouse opens to media in about an hour, I’ll have the assignments then — but based on the guys who pitched yesterday, I’m guessing we’ll see both Ivan Nova and David Phelps this morning. It’s interesting only because, for now, that’s the most important pitching competition in camp.

How much are the Yankees learning from these initial bullpens? Probably not much. But I think it all matters, and it especially matters because we know that Phelps has already faced hitters once this spring and seems to be a little farther ahead that we generally expected pitchers to be in the first week of camp.

Yesterday we got a lot of the nonsense out of the way — Francisco Cervelli talked about Biogenesis, Mariano Rivera gave his not-ready-to-announce speech about retirement, and Andy Pettitte had a press conference about being back with the team — but spring training is all about the roster decisions.

Today we should get our very early, very premature look at one of the most important roster competitions of the spring. Nova should be considered the front runner, but how often do things play out exactly the way we expect in spring training?

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