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Video: The first full-squad workout

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This is what the Yankees first full-squad workout looked like.

A small group of pitchers threw bullpens and batting practice early in the morning, but the bulk of the workout began around 11 a.m., after a team meeting in the clubhouse. Players gathered in right field, right along the foul line, for a standard set of warmup and stretching exercises.

When the players finished stretching, they split split into pairs to play catch in right field. In each pair, one player stood along the foul line while the other moved gradually farther away, stepping closer and closer to center field.

On the main field, the first set of real drills was infield practice. Groups of coaches stood in foul territory around home plate and along the base lines. Four different coaches hit groundballs to the four infield positions where groups of infielders took turns fielding. Half of the infielders were on the main field, the other half were on a back field (outfielders were also on a back field going through their own drills). After routine grounders, the infielders practiced turning double plays.

Batting practice was the last thing on the agenda. On the main field, Derek Jeter was the first Yankees hitter in the box. Players usually run the bases after they hit, but that didn’t happen with Jeter’s group. “I think because I hit first and I didn’t run,” Jeter said.