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We need some games around here

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Seriously. Pitchers and catchers was a huge step. Getting all of the position players in camp built a little bit of buzz. But the Yankees really need to start playing games.

Derek Jeter is still in rehab mode. Michael Pineda is throwing a few fastballs every now and then. Alex Rodriguez is nowhere to be found. Joba Chamberlain’s ankle and elbow both seem to be working just fine. Robinson Cano isn’t a free agent yet. Ichiro Suzuki isn’t a new guy anymore, and honestly, neither is Kevin Youkilis at this point. There’s really only so much Joe Girardi can say on a day to day basis that we don’t already know.

For us to truly learn something new about this team, we need some games. We need to see the outfield alignment, and get a feel for how these catchers are going to perform, and see if some of these young guys can open some eyes. We’ve known the bulk of this roster for more than a year now, and we’ve spent an entire winter exploring the big picture topics of payroll and age and free agency and prospects. It would be a lot of fun to see some actual results, is all I’m saying.

Don’t get me wrong, there are 83 players in camp, which means there are at least that many interesting stories to tell. But it’s been a long winter, and some actual baseball would be really nice right about now.

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