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Video: Jeter almost certain to open the season on the DL

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It’s becoming inevitable that Derek Jeter will open the season on the disabled list.

Jeter’s left ankle was sore again today and he won’t play for the next two days. Brian Cashman said April 1 no longer seems to be a realistic goal, and April 6 — with Jeter’s DL stint backdated — now seems to be a best-case scenario.

“I think it’s starting to set in with him,” Cashman said. “I think that the shot really made him feel good. I think that he understands reality of the situation more today than maybe the other day because he’s now went out there and DH’d in a minor league game yesterday and then today, lo and behold, he’s feeling some more discomfort in a different spot. He realizes that things are happening. The Opening Day schedule is approaching and he’s not 100 percent just yet. I think the reality is setting in. Maybe his perspective, where it was two days ago, (is now) a little bit closer to, this DL thing might be real.”

If you’re curious, the Yankees clubhouse didn’t have second string players listed this morning, so I don’t know who will be coming off the bench. The relievers listed included Mariano Rivera, David Aardsma, Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain and Cody Eppley.