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Murti: Yankees release David Adams

Posted by: Chad Jennings - Posted in Misc on Mar 26, 2013 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Sweeny Murti is reporting that the Yankees have released David Adams, the guy who was projected to be the Yankees Triple-A third baseman, and a guy who might have had a chance to make the big league roster had he not been bothered by a sore back.

Adams, 25, hit .306/.385/.450 in Double-A last season having finally gotten past an ankle injury that basically cost him all of last season. He wasn’t anywhere near the top of my list of players I expected to see DFA to open a 40-man spot.

UPDATE, 7:34 p.m.: The Yankees have officially announced the move as a straight release of Adams





132 Responses to “Murti: Yankees release David Adams”

  1. Chip March 26th, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    You’re not alone in that Chad.

  2. Jerkface March 26th, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    They essentially have traded David Adams for Vernon Wells, which, given the money they assumed in the deal, is a horrible trade.

  3. Jerkface March 26th, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    The Yankees have been horrendous at 40 man roster management though, I’ve said this multiple times the past few seasons. This is just more evidence of it. A team like the astros is going to snatch him up.

  4. Doreen March 26th, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Unless they can get him back. Still a slim chance of that. How long does someone have to claim him?

  5. Sir Harden Thick March 26th, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Adams in 5 minor league season has played only 353 games with 23 home runs. Adams is a good average hitter but cant stay healthy and lacks power

  6. blake March 26th, 2013 at 6:51 pm


    You’re gonna have to find out some details on this one….tell Cash he needs to splain himself…..and please tell him first that we know he’s not some offensive juggernaut .

    Why can’t they ever release a garbage reliever instead of a position player

  7. Chip March 26th, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Jerkface –

    You’re absolutely right – last year there was no reason to release Brandon Laird to fit Casey McGhee on this team and now it’s a more useful player in David Adams for Vernon Wells when they have this nothing pitcher that they picked up today that they could have cut.

  8. fantasygame101 March 26th, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    good for adams though. He now has a real chance to be in the majors and even finally get healthy and maybe a good instructor.

  9. Mike in Chicago March 26th, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Terrible moves. Almost so bad, you’d think it would be impossible to make up.

    Good luck, David Adams. I enjoyed watching you play in the minors and thought you should have been called up to the big club this year.

  10. Chip March 26th, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    blake March 26th, 2013 at 6:51 pm


    You’re gonna have to find out some details on this one….tell Cash he needs to splain himself…..and please tell him first that we know he’s not some offensive juggernaut .

    Why can’t they ever release a garbage reliever instead of a position player

    Because pitching is the key to the kingdom.

  11. NYY_Girl_Penny March 26th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Jerkface so true.

    On another note “This is one of those things I can’t come back too early,” he said. “We saw last season when I tried to play too early [with a calf injury] what happened. If I try to play too early from this we could miss the whole season, and we don’t want that. I don’t know if it’s the beginning of May, the end of May, the beginning of June, I don’t know when it is but we got a whole bunch of season left and the time that really matters is the playoffs.”

    G.Love said this wrist injury would be last years cough. Dang did he nail that one! I can’t believe he sounds like he is saying I’m okay with just playing in the playoffs when in fact there is next to no chance the team gets to the playoffs.. well maybe not no chance, but all the old broken men suddenly need to rebound and have career years. I think it’s safe to say odds are not in their favor.

  12. NYY_Girl_Penny March 26th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    BTW I was quoting what Tex said.

  13. Chip March 26th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Yankees trading Tyler Austin for David Adams two years from now.

  14. Mike in Chicago March 26th, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    Yankees sign Johnny Damon; DFA Mason Williams to make room on 40-man roster.

  15. blake March 26th, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Chip says:
    March 26, 2013 at 6:53 pm
    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the Yankees trading Tyler Austin for David Adams two years from now.

    Lol….either that or they’ll release David Adams son to make room for a 40 year old Tyler Austin

  16. NYY_Girl_Penny March 26th, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Mike in Chicago March 26th, 2013 at 6:52 pm
    Terrible moves. Almost so bad, you’d think it would be impossible to make up.

    LOL – Sad but true. WTF is going on already?

  17. MG March 26th, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    The Yankees releasing Adams means they valued him less than Corban Joseph and Mustelier (who would have to be put on the 40 man roster to make the team).

  18. fantasygame101 March 26th, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    The Yankees should trade some of those in the 40 man roster that is in the bottom of the picking order. for example, marshall or warren should be dealt now bec. they both profile to be at max a fifth starter and if the roster spot is not needed this yr then for sure next yr.

  19. Doreen March 26th, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    The beat writers are missing the point, I think.

    There are a lot of Yankees fans who do follow the minor league players and there are favorites. We don’t think they’re superstars. But we think that at some point it would be nice for them to be given a real chance. And we’d like a chance to see guys that the Yankees themselves were high on contribute to the parent club.

    At least that’s how I see it.

    “Back in the day,” when minor league players were fairly anonymous, not too many would really care, I guess.

  20. ac1 March 26th, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    If feels like the yankees are giving the middle finger to everyone that supports the team and the minor league teams in particular.

  21. jmills March 26th, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Hi guys, I was having a bit of a time appearing moble since Chad made alterations, but it ” seams ” bettah’ now; Chad, oh how u kno I’m a creature of habit :). On the record, this is a test, 1,2,3.

  22. randy l. March 26th, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    so does anyone still think cashman could ever win without signing expensive long term free agent contracts.

    hal’s austerity mandate is exposing cashman big time.

    cashman is not the guy to transition the yankees into the future.

  23. Jerkface March 26th, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    @LordOfTheSwingz 38s

    Cashbo Baggins: My roster feels thin…sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a Holliday.

  24. rm March 26th, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    This could turn out to be a good gamble. Lots of teams have full 40 man rosters right now. They may not want to make room for a prospect with a sore back. He could slop through and get signed to a Minor League contract

  25. hornblower March 26th, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    If he is claimed by another club doesn’t he have to be put on the major league roster? If so he will be back soon.

  26. bigdan22 March 26th, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    I think I know what may be happening here. The Yanks are trying to manage their system and their depth. Now we know Musty is being sent down right? So where is he going to play? In Scranton, you have Mesa and Almonte probably in the outfield for sure. Who’s the third? Very likely Boesch or Francisco or Neal. Even if Boesch makes the 25 he’s being sent down when Granderson comes back. I don’t think the Yanks want Musty to DH. I think they’ve decided he’s a better No 1 contender (ML backup or future starter) at 3b than Adams.

  27. blake March 26th, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    “This could turn out to be a good gamble. Lots of teams have full 40 man rosters right now. They may not want to make room for a prospect with a sore back. He could slop through and get signed to a Minor League contract”

    Fingers crossed

  28. randy l. March 26th, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    at least montero is sucking in seattle this spring.

    what’s the chance of him having a good year?

    just when we think he’s a complete idiot , he steals wells from the angels.

    cashman is stealth.

  29. andrewmelillo March 26th, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    Cashman was suppose to rebuild the farm but instead he releading the farm dickenson adams etc back to getting has been im sick of cashman please go before you destroy the farm anymore

  30. Duh Innings II March 26th, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Cashman is an idiot.

    $14M for maybe two years of Wells but not $17M for two years for Russell Martin who plays a position which is not easy to find a quality hitter at.

    The Yanks will pay Wells $3M more than what the Indians are paying Swisher this year.

    Cashman doesn’t even have confidence enough to start Nunez or Mustelier at 3B so who’s his 3B if/when Youkilis gets hurt, Nix? Puh-leeze, some higher force help us if he’s made the fill-in 3B. How is Nix better than Nunez or Mustelier overall? Nunez hit .294 and stole 11 bases last year in I believe only 100 PA (“only” referring to the SB.) Mustelier has hit well over .300 at every level – A, AA, AAA, and spring training.

    No playoffs, fire Cashman and Girardi immediately after the game the Yanks are eliminated, enough is enough.

  31. Money Mike March 27th, 2013 at 8:34 am

    I do not exactly 100% understand the move but I will say this, we do not have the medical records of Adams who continually gets hurt for one. Also the guy has never shown much power for a power hitting position. We are talking about the NYY here and although Adams one day might develop into a decent player, its not likely he is the “all-star” type the Yanks will be looking for. These low funds are only temporary in some sense, in a couple of years the Yanks will be spending again.

    People might hate on Cashman for this move, but of these players released in these roster moves over the years, who has really been anything significant? Some people brought up Laird, the guy I think was released again this spring, not that Casey McGehee was anything close to useful but neither was Laird. These fringe MLBers are released and picked up all the time by ML teams in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle, I bet we could find some player out there this week that has very similar numbers to what Adams was putting up.

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