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A Bronx Tale: The BBC examines the history of the Yankees

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During spring training, two unfamiliar faces arrived in the Steinbrenner Field press box. Colin Murray and Patrick Nathanson were from the BBC, and they were in the states working on a two-hour radio documentary about the history and the tradition of the Yankees. They traveled to the Bronx, interviewed Henry Kissinger, and put together a fascinating exploration of the Yankees players, fans and organization.

Here’s a link to the documentary itself. [3]Here’s a link to a blog post of Colin and Patrick writing about the experience and process [4]of putting the documentary together. I wish I had some idea how to embed the documentary to the blog, but the links are worth a click. Certainly a unique look at the team, including a remarkable series of events in which interview requests are turned down until finally Ichiro Suzuki talks and asks whether anyone in England actually watches baseball. Eventually, Colin and Patrick get their interviews, including a conversation with Kevin Youkilis about the fact he’s better able to enjoy beer now that he doesn’t have a beard. There were also some familiar thoughts from guys like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera.

“I have the same reaction,” Rivera said. “I have the same love, the same passion. I’m retiring now, not from the game, but from everything else. The traveling, the hotels, all the things that come with that, that I got tired of. But the game itself, I still love it to the day that I die.”

Jeter was asked whether he expects to be around the Yankees forever, similar to guys like Reggie Jackson and Yogi Berra.

“Don’t know; I want to own a team,” Jeter said. “I’d like to be an owner one day and be able to call the shots. We’ll see what happens down the road. One thing with our organization, you get spoiled because all the great players get an opportunity to come back and work with guys. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’ll remain in the game.”

Colin suggested that he would be willing to chip a couple hundred bucks to help Jeter buy the Yankees.

“The Yankees are too expensive for me, buddy,” Jeter said.

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