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Yankees hard to find in latest All-Star update

Over the weekend, Major League Baseball announced its latest voting update for next month’s All-Star game. As expected, the Yankees have only one position player in the mix. Mariano Rivera will most certainly be on the roster, a good case can be made for Hiroki Kuroda and Dave Robertson, and it’s certainly possible the players will vote for CC Sabathia. But it looks inevitable that Robinson Cano will be the only Yankees position players selected.

Here are the latest vote totals. The all-star rosters will be announced next Saturday, July 6.

Chris StewartCATCHER
1. Joe Mauer Twins 2,788,972
2. Matt Wieters Orioles 2,068,032
3. A.J. Pierzynski Rangers 1,054,093
4. Carlos Santana Indians 1,029,674
5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia Red Sox 966,196
Francisco Cervelli was actually playing at a potentially all-star pace before his broken hand. Mauer is the only American League catcher with an OPS higher than Cervelli’s .877, and Cervelli threw out half of the guys who tried to steal against him. Chris Stewart has remained among the league’s best at throwing out runners — and he’s hit a little better than expected — but his lack of power clearly takes him out of the mix here.

1. Chris Davis Orioles 3,960,299
2. Prince Fielder Tigers 2,579,031
3. Mike Napoli Red Sox 902,562
4. Albert Pujols Angels 872,602
5. Mitch Moreland Rangers 750,674
Without Mark Teixeira, the Yankees are pretty far out of the mix here. Lyle Overbay has provided some unexpected offense — he’s been an unexpected source of power against right-handers — but having to play everyday has really exposed his weakness against lefties. He’s been a great help to the Yankees, but he’s not in the same conversation as Davis or Fielder. If Edwin Encarnacion were listed as a first baseman instead of a DH he might be in the mix as well, but this spot clearly belongs to Davis.

Robinson CanoSECOND BASE
1. Robinson Cano Yankees 3,032,183
2. Dustin Pedroia Red Sox 2,135,499
3. Ian Kinsler Rangers 1,329,136
4. Omar Infante Tigers 1,191,119
5. Jose Altuve Astros 850,577
Even in a down year, Cano has the highest OPS of all American League second basemen. Pedroia, Jason Kipnis and Ben Zobrist are right there with him in terms of RBI, but there’s no AL second baseman hitting nearly as many home runs as Cano. He’s clearly moving toward a fourth straight All-Star Game.

1. Miguel Cabrera Tigers 4,337,223
2. Manny Machado Orioles 2,097,804
3. Adrian Beltre Rangers 1,334,195
4. Evan Longoria Rays 1,106,984
5. Josh Donaldson Athletics 635,581
It’s Kevin Youkilis who’s on the ballot for the Yankees — not Alex Rodriguez — but the Yankees might have had a better chance had Rodriguez been listed. At least his name still carries some weight, and he’s only played in 28 games less than Youkilis. Clearly the Yankees have no fighting chance here and shouldn’t expect one. Rodriguez is still rehabbing, Youkilis just had surgery, and the combination of David Adams, Jayson Nix and Chris Nelson hasn’t exactly been a juggernaut.

1. J.J. Hardy Orioles 2,548,682
2. Jhonny Peralta Tigers 1,838,500
3. Elvis Andrus Rangers 1,616,834
4. Jed Lowrie Athletics 1,207,486
5. Derek Jeter Yankees 819,175
Some folks just love Jeter, no matter what. Hardy, Peralta and Lowrie are each having all-star type seasons. Andrus isn’t, but he’s getting a sort of Jeter-treatment from the Rangers fans. Hardy has more homers and RBI than any other shortstop — and he’s a fine defensive player — and he’s getting the benefit of Orioles fans, who are clearly stuffing the ballot this season. Just check out the outfield.

Brett GardnerOUTFIELD
1. Adam Jones Orioles 3,571,693
2. Mike Trout Angels 3,548,195
3. Nick Markakis Orioles 1,915,860
4. Jose Bautista Blue Jays 1,867,367
5. Torii Hunter Tigers 1,851,657
6. Nate McLouth Orioles 1,660,080
7. Nelson Cruz Rangers 1,595,371
8. Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox 1,289,195
9. Alex Gordon Royals 1,239,771
10. Yoenis Cespedes Athletics 1,183,926
11. Coco Crisp Athletics 1,115,204
12. Austin Jackson Tigers 983,469
13. Josh Hamilton Angels 897,181
14. Shane Victorino Red Sox 823,636
15. Ichiro Suzuki Yankees 759,154
All three Orioles outfielders are having very nice seasons, but it’s hard to imagine all three actually making the all-star game. Trout is insanely good, and Cruz is having a great year. Those two with Jones would probably be my vote. As for the Yankees, they have one outfielder in the top 15, but it’s not the one who belongs there. Brett Gardner isn’t having an all-star season, but he wouldn’t be out of place on this list. He’s getting a lot of hits, getting on base and playing good defense. Not an all-star, but the best of the bunch for the Yankees.

1. David Ortiz Red Sox 3,247,462
2. Lance Berkman Rangers 1,519,503
3. Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays 1,091,593
4. Victor Martinez Tigers 959,646
5. Mark Trumbo Angels 919,036
Ortiz is both exceptionally good and exceptionally popular, so he’s a natural at the top of this list. Encarnacion and Trumbo are on the ballot as designated hitters, but they’ve spent most of their time in the field this season. As for a second true DH, Travis Hafner actually has numbers about as good as anyone’s. Berkman and Billy Butler gotten on base more often, but they haven’t hit for Hafner’s power. Despite being listed as a first baseman, Albert Pujols has primarily been a DH this season, and probably deserves the second spot on this list.

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