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More A-Rod drama as MLB files petition against former PR man

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Alex Rodriguez [2]Here we go. The latest in the Alex Rodriguez saga…

Yesterday, Major League Baseball filed a petition [3] against Rodriguez’s former public relations guru Michael Sitrick, who the league says is withholding documents that pertain to A-Rod suspension and subsequent appeal hearing. Those documents, the league claims, were leaked to Yahoo! Sports several months ago in an effort to out Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli as other players connected to Biogenesis.

The petition has lead to a pair of new public statements [4], one from Rodriguez’s attorney Joseph Tacopina, and another from Major League Baseball.

Tacopina: “As we have said all along, Alex has never bought any documents related to Biogenesis, and he has repeatedly turned down offers from various individuals who approached him about buying them. Alex unequivocally denies having exposed any players. This is MLB’s desperate cry for help. What happened to the ‘overwhelming mountain’ of evidence against Alex? Having now rested its case against Alex, this effort makes clear to the world that MLB doesn’t have what they said they have. What is perhaps most shocking — and the best evidence of their desperation — is that MLB would do this during the World Series.”

MLB: “We continue to be at a loss to explain how Mr. Tacopina can take the position that his client has done nothing wrong. First, it was Mr. Rodriguez did not use drugs. Now, it is he did not obstruct the investigation. Those statements are simply and demonstrably inaccurate. The action we took yesterday was necessitated by continuing efforts by Mr. Rodriguez’s lawyers to engage in a purposeful coverup.”

So, you know, business as usual.

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