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Mo wants to bring the Yankees to Panama

Posted by: Chad Jennings - Posted in Misc on Nov 08, 2013 Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera has some clout. Does he have enough to bring the Yankees to Panama?

Honored at last night’s 19th annual Lou Gehrig Sports Awards Benefit Dinner, Rivera brought up the idea of playing a spring exhibition game in his home country of Panama. And he says it could happen as soon as 2014.

“We’re trying to make it happen, but right now, it is not confirmed,” Rivera said. “Hopefully it will happen quickly, because we want to do it. I want to bring them back to my country and give the people in Panama a great time with the Yankees. So hopefully we can do it.”

As long as I get to go, I’m all for it.

A few other Rivera comments from last night, as passed along by…

On winning Comeback Player of the Year: “You know, when you talk about a comeback, it’s not such a good word, because you know that something happened. Either you didn’t do good, or something happened to you. The previous year, I didn’t like to remember that. It was a sad time for me. But it motivated me, pushed me to finish the way I finished. If that didn’t happen, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

On Dave Robertson as a ninth-inning replacement: “That would be my guy. But definitely, when you start a new job, it’s different. He’ll have to be patient. I believe that he could be the guy. … The transition is mentally. You have to be ready mentally. When it happens, you have to be able to flip the page and move forward.”

On the Red Sox winning the World Series: “They deserve it. They played better than anybody. They played to a different level. That’s why they are the champions. They were capable of doing that; they deserved to win.”

On being honored by the ALS Association: “It means a lot for me to be here. Sometimes we complain. Sometimes I did complain when I would blow a save. When I see this, I have to reach out and say, ‘I’m sorry for being selfish sometimes.’ … Seeing this, it’s something we all have to help, to share what the Lord has given us with others less fortunate and those in need.”

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8 Responses to “Mo wants to bring the Yankees to Panama”

  1. UpState November 8th, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Ryan Hanigan, (REDS B/U Catcher) 33 :
    …struggled through the worst season of his career in 2013, batting just .198/.306/.261 and tying a career-low with two home runs. MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz projects Hanigan to earn $2.3MM through arbitration this offseason, which should be a cheap enough sum for interested parties to take on. The main culprit in Hanigan’s poor season appears to have been a .216 batting average on balls in play. That number figures to trend back toward his career mark of .283, especially when considering that Hanigan’s batted-ball profile didn’t radically change in 2013. In fact, Hanigan’s 21.5 percent line-drive rate was actually a slight increase over his 2012 mark (21.2 percent) and is right in line with his career mark (21.9 percent).

    Hanigan has long been known as a patient hitter that is tough to strike out, as evidenced by a career 12 percent walk rate and 10.1 percent strikeout rate. Detractors may point to the lofty walk rate as a product of him batting eighth in an NL lineup so often (one spot in front of the pitcher), but Hanigan’s career walk rate in more than 300 plate appearances out of the seventh slot in the order is higher than his walk rate in 1,110+ PAs in the eighth slot.

    Hanigan also carries a reputation as a solid defensive backstop, having led the league in caught-stealing percentage in 2013 (45 percent) and 2012 (48 percent). His 40 percent career mark is about 12 percentage points higher than the league average, which tends to be around 28 percent. He’s also known as one of the best in the business in terms of pitch-framing — an art he discussed at length with Ben Lindbergh for a Grantland piece back in May.

    *** Props to MLBTR !

    Any thoughts on this guy if McCann goes elsewhere ?

  2. blake November 8th, 2013 at 12:18 pm



    “Blake,,,,,,,What number pick do we get back for Grandy?
    Aren’t there enough FA’s out there where we don’t have to give up a pick?”

    probably in the 30-35 range. That depends on how long they wait…..and what kind of team they want to put out there in 2014. There are some good fits that wouldn’t require the draft pick and IMO if there are dead set on staying under 189 then that’s the route they should take.

  3. DONNYBROOK November 8th, 2013 at 12:36 pm


    Nice piece by Davidoff today. He’s got it right. 150 games for A-Rod.
    I’m Not sure about Choo. His fielding percentage for an OF’er is atrocious, but I haven’t seen a lot of him, so I am unable to make a call based on my own baby blues. A lot of chatter about his lefty stick taking aim at the short porch, but he did only total 20 Dongs while playing 81 games in that Cincy Band Box, so I’m not sure how many more he Might hit in Yankee stadium.
    Felt bad for that Oregon kid last night that was helped off the field toward the end of the game with an obviously severe concussion. College players getting racked up like this is horrendous. A Pro makes the choice to get paid well for taking these risks. A college player “maybe” gets an education, and then graduates with a ticking time bomb inside his cranium.

  4. blake November 8th, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Choo hits some homers but his #1 assets is that he gets on base a lot

  5. Duh Innings II November 8th, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Make the Yankees playing in Panama happen Steinbrenners!!! That’d be surreal. When will MLB have a baseball team in Central America? Why not COSTA RICA hands down the safest country in Central America? It’s only a five hour-flight from Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York and I think Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee, too, six from Boston and Colorado, seven from the Bay Area, and much closer from Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Atlanta for TWENTY-SEVEN teams it’s a reasonable distance from. Seattle, Toronto, and Minnesota would be the only teams really far away from Costa Rica but they’re far away from most MLB teams anyway.

    WOW! Why hasn’t Hanigan been an everyday catcher with that 158 for 265 FORTY-PERCENT caught stealing rate (15 for 33 this year!!!), career .262 BA and .359 OBP, 189 walks to 159 strikeouts ratio, and batting .263 or better every year until this year

    I would trade PED cheat Cervelli for this guy in a heartbeat because the Yanks would still have Romine, Murphy, and Stewart under control. I know alot of people don’t like Stewart – I don’t care much for him either – but he cost only $515K this season, he’ll be only 32 in February, and he’s too good to just let go as the Yanks can’t send him to AAA. Why let him go when you could have him back up Hanigan and have Romine and Murphy further develop in AAA? If Hanigan or Stewart gets hurt or Stewart sucks and is traded, call up Romine or Murphy (most likely Romine.)

    ‘Say Hanigan gets 400 PA, Romine 200, Murphy 50. If Hanigan posts even just 8 HR and 43 RBI (what the 2013 Yankees catcher produced), Romine 3 HR and 20 RBI, Murphy 1 HR and 3 RBI as a September callup, that’s 12 HR and 66 RBI from the catcher. Not alot but that’s 4 HR and 23 RBI better than the 2013 Yankees catcher produced and the same amount of RBI 2012 Martin/Stewart produced.

    ‘Thing is Hanigan makes too much sense for the Yankees and Cashman. They’d rather overpay for a hitter at a defensive position as if they can’t find power at 3B, RF and DH to make up for any loss of power at C PSSSSHHHH!!!!

  6. Duh Innings II November 8th, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    C Hanigan $2.3M for 2014 only unless the Yanks extended him for at least a year at say $4M for 2015 – a David Ross-type deal (Trade Cervelli for him. Cincy gets back a guy who made only $533,100 this season and is under control through 2016.)

    1B Teixiera $22.5M

    2B Cano $15M (Backload his contract through 2016 like this: $15M a year 2014-16, $29M a year 2017-20 assuming he takes 7 years and $161M.)

    3B Aramis Ramirez $16M for 2014 only (Trade Nunez for him. Milwaukee sheds $20M and has Nunez under control through 2017. Ramirez could cost $20M total with a $4M buyout if he’s let go after 2014, $30M total if he stays with the Yanks for 2015 on his $14M mutual option for 2015.)

    SS Jeter $12M for 2014 only

    LF Soriano $5M for 2014 only

    CF Gardner $5M for 2014 only

    RF Melky Cabrera $8M for 2014 only (Trade Tyler Austin for him – Toronto sheds $8M and gets a player under control for six years when he’s MLB-ready.)

    DH Carlos Beltran $14.2M for 2014 only (An amount equal to the qualifying offer plus $100K and a respectable, respectful $1.2M raise.)

    Everyone save Teixiera and Cano would be in their walk years.

    $100M for the starting nine + $23M Sabathia = $123M for ten players, $66M for the other fifteen as follows if the Yanks wanted the payroll to be $189M:

    $16M Kuroda
    $12M Tanaka
    $3M Nova
    $3M Hughes (he can’t make more than Nova, sorry)

    $34M for the rotation after Sabathia ($32M left for the bullpen and bench)

    $5M Robertson
    $4M Logan
    $1.5M Kelly
    $1.5M Chamberlain (he can’t make more than Kelley, sorry)
    $500K Warren
    $500K Cabral
    $500K Betances

    $13.5M for the bullpen ($18.5M left over for the bench)

    $6.5M Suzuki
    $4M Reynolds
    $2.5M Ryan
    $1M Stewart (Romine and Murphy further develop in AAA)

    $14M for the bench

    Total 2014 Yankees payroll $184.5M, $4.5M to spend to get to $189M.

  7. Duh Innings II November 8th, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Actually $186.9M if the Yanks have to eat $2.4M releasing Wells (ideally they could trade him – what a stupid !@#$ing trade – $13.9M for him 2012-13 and $13M for Suzuki 2013-14 for $26.9M for two old hasbeens but not $17M for age 30-31 Russell Martin 2013-14 – GOOD JOB CASHMAN, YOU IDIOT!!!)

  8. Duh Innings II November 8th, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    *Wells 2013-14

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