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Teixeira hoping to take batting practice in early January

If you missed last night’s Mark Teixeira interview on YES Network, you can watch a portion of it in the video above, and you can watch a little more by following this link. If you’re not really feeling up to following links or clicking a play button this morning, let’s just start the day with this short quote from last night’s Hot Stove show:

“I want to be swinging full-speed in January,” Teixeira said.

It’s not much of a comment, but it’s a pretty strong reminder that Teixeira is very much in the middle of a rehab process right now. He’s out of the cast, and it’s been almost six months since surgery, but his wrist is still in a stage of strengthening and flexibility. Teixiera said he’s doing “really slow” swinging, but that’s more of a range of motion exercise. He’s not ready to hit.

This is the basic plan that Teixeira laid out on last night’s YES broadcast:

1. Strengthening and flexibility exercises through December.
2. Beginning tee and pitching machine work on January 1.
3. By early February, hitting off a 90-mph machine with authority.
4. Full everyday workouts when spring training opens, but no games in the first week of exhibitions.
5. Begin playing Grapefruit League games in early March.

“I want to slowly build into live batting practice, simulated games, and then start playing games,” Teixeira said.

His biggest test, Teixeira said, will be inside fastballs. He has to make sure he can get the barrel of the bat in there and be able to turn on a pitch like that. Jack Curry pointed out that teams might test Teixeira by going inside to try to expose that wrist if it’s a weakness.

“Please come on in there,” Teixeira said. “I love it when guys try to come in and I can use that short porch at Yankee Stadium.”

Once the season starts, Teixeira’s routine will be slightly different with fewer pregame swings and a no more swings with a weighted bat. There’s still an adjustment that’s taking place, and make no mistake, the Yankees desperately need it to work.

Video from the YES Network



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