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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Barring some sort of surprise negotiation breakthrough, it’s probably going to be a fairly quiet holiday weekend for the Yankees. Of course, by writing that I’m basically guaranteeing that I’ll have to step away from some sort of family function to handle a bit of massive breaking news, but I guess I’ll take my chances.

Just wanted to jump on the blog quickly this morning to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Go eat something delicious. Hug someone you love. Listen to Alice’s Restaurant [3] at least once all the way through. Just enjoy the day and imagine all of those Brian McCann home runs sailing out to right field next season. I’ll be spending the day with my sister, her husband, her in-laws — they were kind enough to invite me — and my five-month-old nephew. Haven’t seen the kid since just a few days after he was born, so I obviously have a lot to be thankful for.

Enjoy the holiday everyone. Thank you all for making my job awfully fun.

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