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Resolutions for a new year in the Bronx

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A few suggested New Year’s resolutions for a few of the Yankees…

Alex Rodriguez [2]Alex Rodriguez
Everything different. In every way. If it happened in 2013, try not to let it happen in 2014.

Derek Jeter
Give yourself a break. A day off every now and then won’t diminish your Hall of Fame plaque. In fact, it might improve it.

Dave Robertson
Ignore everyone. We’ve never done what you’re about to do. The comparisons are for us outsiders. Just go pitch.

CC Sabathia
Lose weight. Gain weight. Whatever makes you feel strong and durable and more like yourself.

Brett Gardner
Run. You’re ridiculously fast, and you’ve stolen plenty of bases in your day. On your mark. Get set. Go!

Brian McCann
Get the ball in the air, big guy. It’ll carry at Yankee Stadium. You’ve got a lot on your plate, but don’t overthink it when you’re at the plate.

Jacoby Ellsbury
Keep it the same. It’s going to feel different with the new team and all, but the game’s the same. Don’t have to be an MVP, just play like last year and things will be just fine.

Ivan Nova
Focus. You talk about it all the time – and sometimes admit losing it – but when you’re locked in, you’re an awfully good pitcher.


Alfonso Soriano
Remember those last two months of 2013? Rinse and repeat. Easy enough, right?

David Phelps
Just be ready, whatever that takes. The Yankees are going to have some pitching jobs available this spring. Pretty good ones too. Bullpen. Rotation. Whatever. You have a real chance to play a pretty big role this year. Same goes for you, Adam Warren. And you, Vidal Nuno.

Dellin Betances
Find the zone. You know your stuff is good, and pitching in relief worked last year. Throw strikes and let the pitches do their job.

There have to be others, right?

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