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Old friends: Shawn Kelley and … Jennifer Lawrence?

Christian Bale;Bradley CooperHere’s a random fact about my life: I like movies, but I very rarely see them. When I do see one, I tend to talk about it for weeks — often several weeks or months after the time when it was cool to talk about that particularly movie — but I often go more than 12 months between trips to the theater.

This year, I’ve literally not seen a single move nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. In fact, I might not have seen a single movie nominated for any award!

That’s why I leave the Oscars writing to my good friend David Waldstein.

In a really cool piece for the New York Times, Waldstein wrote about an actor-ballplayer relationship you might not expect. It turns out, Shawn Kelley grew up with Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence.

“Only so many people make it into the acting world, and only so many people make it to the New York Yankees,” Kelley told Waldstein. “Even if you don’t know someone personally, and they are from your hometown, you feel proud. But if you know their family and actually remember them as a kid, that’s really cool.”

The story of Kelley and Lawrence also serves as a strong bit of background reading about the Yankees right-hander, who seems likely to play an important role in the Yankees bullpen this season. If you’re watching tonight’s big awards show — or even if you’re not — give Waldstein’s story a read. It’s a bit of off-the-beaten-path stuff you don’t get too often in spring training.

Associated Press photo (pretty sure that’s Jennifer Lawrence on the far right)



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