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Jeter not alone with brutal August numbers

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At no point this year was Derek Jeter having a good season. In late April his batting average was pretty close to .300, and he was still getting on base at a decent clip through mid-May, but by Jeter standards, this has always been a down year. Problem is, it’s gotten much worse in the past month.

For the most part, Jeter’s actually had a pretty respectable season for a 40-year-old. Nothing like his prime years — the power has been completely lost — but the kind of production that might have been perfectly useful from a No. 8 hitter (and the kind of year that might have been easier to stomach if the hitters around him were living up to their own expectations).

Until recently, Jeter was doing enough to chip in now and then. But August was bad.

April: .272/.352/.309
May: .275/.327/.343
June: .272/.309/.330
July: .289/.340/.320
August: .207/.226/.261

So if you’re wondering why there’s been such an increase is almost universal calls for Jeter to be dropped in the order — a familiar sentiment, but one that’s gained steam in recent weeks — it probably has something to do with Jeter’s moderate production disappearing lately.

Mark Teixeira [3]But as has been the case all season, Jeter’s numbers are only a small part of the problem. Consider the August slash lines from the rest of the Yankees regulars.

Brett Gardner: .213/.295/.372
Streaky hitter had a .932 OPS in July.

Jacoby Ellsbury: .324/.366/.539
Huge month. Too bad no one followed his lead.

Mark Teixeira: .193/.276/.307
Slugging percentage has decreased month by month.

Carlos Beltran: .242/.330/.396
Good first week, but just .183/.290/.283 since August 9.

Brian McCann: .219/.282/.453
Three home runs in a span of five games.

Martin Prado: .282/.308/.466
Trying to match Ellsbury. Hit .367/.377/.617 since August 16.

Chase Headley: .233/.343/.344
Led the team in strikeouts and walks for the month.

Stephen Drew: .153/.225/.306
Bat hasn’t emerged as the Yankees hoped.

Ichiro Suzuki: .352/.357/.389
Two extra base hits; hasn’t had more than three in any month.

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