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Game 131: Yankees at Tigers

Derek Jeter, Miguel CabreraYANKEES (68-61)
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter SS
Martin Prado 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Brian McCann DH
Chase Headley 3B
Brett Gardner LF
Francisco Cervelli C

RHP Shane Greene (3-1, 3.17)
Greene vs. Tigers

TIGERS (70-59)
Ian Kinsler 2B
Torii Hunter RF
Miguel Cabrera 1B
Victor Martinez DH
J.D. Martinez LF
Nick Castellanos 3B
Alex Avila C
Eugenio Suarez SS
Rajai Davis CF

LHP David Price (12-9, 3.00)
Price vs. Yankees

TIME/TV: 7:08 p.m., YES Network and ESPN

WEATHER: Hoping the rain holds off the rest of the night.

HP Bob Davidson, 1B John Tumpane, 2B Bill Welke, 3B James Hoye

BIG DIFFERENCE: This will be Shane Greene’s second start against the Tigers, and his first was awfully good — eight shutout innings for a 1-0 win. Of course, there’s a pretty big difference between the lineup Greene faced on August 7 and the one he’ll face today. This one has Miguel Cabrera in it.

YOUNG GUNS: The Yankees have started a rookie pitcher 52 times, the highest total in MLB and tied for the third-highest in franchise history since rookie rules were made in 1958 (1991-54x, 1986-54x, 2007-52x). That’s all according to Elias. The Yankees are 33-19 in games started by rookies this year, including 21-7 on the road.

OFF AND RUNNING: Last night Jacoby Ellsbury showed his power, but he has also been successful in each of his last 11 stolen base attempts since July 18. In his last eight games Ellsbury is batting .484 (15-for-31) with six runs, one double, three homers, seven RBI and four stolen bases.

UPDATE, 7:39 p.m.: Scoreless first for each team, but the Yankees really made David Price work for it. He threw 28 pitches in the top of the inning. Now he’s back out there for the second.

UPDATE, 8:04 p.m.: Ellsbury stays ridiculously hot — steals a bag on a pickoff, that’s how hot he is — and Jeter capitalizes with an RBI double for a 1-0 Yankees lead in the third. The Yankees have actually had Price on the ropes most of the night. He’s already up to 49 pitches.

UPDATE, 8:09 p.m.: Four straight Yankees hits to open the third inning. Teixeira just delivered an RBI double. It’s now 2-0 Yankees with no outs, two runners in scoring position, and Beltran at the plate.

UPDATE, 8:10 p.m.: Make that five straight hits. Beltran with an RBI single off the wall.

UPDATE, 8:12 p.m.: Six straight hits. Yankees up 4-0. Action in the Tigers bullpen.

UPDATE, 8:14 p.m.: Seven straight hits. Bases loaded for Gardner.

UPDATE, 8:15 p.m.: Infield single. Eight straight hits. 5-0 lead.

UPDATE, 8:17 p.m.: Nine straight hits. Yankees up 6-0. Price coming out of the game. That’s incredible. The Yankees literally just batted around without making an out to chase one of the best pitchers in baseball.

UPDATE, 8:28 p.m.: Well, that was pretty incredible. The Yankees added a couple of sac flies before finally ending the inning with a ground ball to third. They went 8-for-9 with RISP in that inning! It’s an 8-0 Yankees lead.

UPDATE, 9:07 p.m.: Here’s Shane Greene to start the bottom of the fifth with an 8-1 lead. The kid looks awfully good again. Didn’t allow a hit until the fourth.

UPDATE, 9:19 p.m.: Cervelli takes an unfortunate foul tip, but Greene’s through another scoreless inning.

UPDATE, 9:34 p.m.: Victor Martinez’s 26th home run of the season. That’s a career high for him. It’s also now an 8-2 Yankees lead.


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Pregame notes: Ellsbury leading off (at least for one more game)

Jacoby Ellsbury

Brett Gardner is back in the lineup, but Jacoby Ellsbury is still in the leadoff spot.

It’s a lineup shake up! Or maybe not.

David Price being on the mound seems to be a pretty significant factor in today’s top-of-the-order. Gardner’s never hit him very well, so he’s moved to the bottom. Ellsbury’s had some success, so he stays up top. Martin Prado’s hit .400/.400/1.000 against lefties since coming to New York — and he’s had success in limited career at-bats against Price — so he’s in the No. 3 spot.

Joe Girardi said there’s a good chance we’ll see the familiar Gardner-Jeter-Ellsbury lineup soon enough.

“I think there are more options,” Girardi said. “But don’t think that you won’t see that. I’m not saying that you won’t see those three guys together again. It could be different too.”

This is only the fourth time Ellsbury’s been in the leadoff spot in the past month. One came because Derek Jeter was on the bench and Gardner was batting second, and the past two have come because Gardner was out with the ankle injury. Ellsbury went hitless in one of those games. In his past two games as the leadoff man he’s gone 4-for-9 with three home runs.

Could say that’s because he’s comfortable in the leadoff spot. Or you could say nine at-bats don’t come close to representing a trend.

“He’s a great player that’s going to have really good streaks,” Girardi said. “You could say since I put him in the leadoff spot he’s hitting for more power. It’s a small sample, so I don’t make too much of it.”

Does Ellsbury feel more at home at the very top of the order?

“I felt pretty good the last week or so when I was hitting in the three-hole,” he said. “To answer your question no, I don’t really feel too different than I did in the three-hole. … I think that first at-bat may be the only one (that’s different), you know, trying to see how the pitcher throws that day, see what he has. But after that first one as the leadoff hitter, you’re kind of in the flow of the game. It doesn’t really affect you, I guess.”

Masahiro Tanaka• Masahiro Tanaka is still on schedule for a simulated game tomorrow morning. He’s expected to go three “innings” or 45 pitches. At some point he’s going to get into a more typical game experience, even if the Yankees have to create a game to make it happen.

• Girardi on planning (with confidence) what’s next for Tanaka: “I think you plan it out, and it’s either going to work or it’s not going to work. As long as you’re having steps in the right direction, it’s working. That doesn’t mean that it’s a guarantee. If you have a setback, it probably means surgery. It’s not like rehabbing a hamstring or something like that where you can have a setback and, OK, we’ve got to set him down. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

• As mentioned previously, the Yankees have signed outfielder Chris Young to a minor league deal. He’ll report to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and could be an option for September. “He hasn’t played in a couple of weeks,” Girardi said. “I don’t think he’s played since August 7, but obviously it’s a guy that’s had some success in his career. It’s a very good outfielder, it’s a guy who can hit the ball out of the ballpark. We’re going to see what we have.

• One more note on the lineup: Even though he’s a left-handed hitter, Brian McCann is a career .417/.462/1.167 hitter against Price, so Girardi said he was certain McCann would be in the lineup today in some capacity. Francisco Cervelli has worked well with Shane Greene, so McCann gets a turn at DH. “I knew going home last night that he would be in there somehow, and I decided to DH him today,” Girardi said.

• Oh, and Gardner’s spot in the order isn’t a total lock just yet. He still has to get through batting practice to prove he’s ready to play. “That is subject to change,” Girardi said. “Sometimes it’s easier to post (the lineup), and if I have to change it, I have to change it.”

• Girardi on the need to get off to a strong start against a pitcher like Price: “It’s not how you start, it’s always how you finish,” Girardi said. “Let’s remember that. Obviously you’d love to get a lead on David Price and get to him early because it seems like once he gets on a roll, he can be pretty tough, but you’ve just got to find a way to win the game.”

Associated Press photos


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Gardner returns (but he’s batting eighth)

For whatever reason, my phone wasn’t letting me update the blog from the clubhouse. So, in case you haven’t seen it a hundred places on Twitter by now, here’s the Yankees lineup.

Also, the team announced that minor league RHP Alfredo Aceves and 2B Corban Joseph have each been released. OF Adonis Garcia has been activated from the Triple-A disabled list and OF Chris Young has been signed to a minor league contract.

GardnerJacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter SS
Martin Prado 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Brian McCann DH
Chase Headley 3B
Brett Gardner LF
Francisco Cervelli C

RHP Shane Greene



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Video: Jeter makes one last regular-season trip to Michigan

Taboola Home/Section Front Player

When the Yankees make their final trip to any particular city this season, Derek Jeter always sits down for a pregame press conference to let local media ask him about his career and his upcoming retirement.

As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for these question-and-answer sessions to become repetitive, but yesterday’s was kind of interesting because Jeter’s back in the state where he grew up.

“I’ve always enjoyed coming here,” Jeter said. “It brings back memories of when I used to come — not to this stadium, but to the old Tiger Stadium — when I was younger. So I’ve enjoyed coming here every year. But I was just asked this question a little while ago. My first memory of Detroit (as a player) was in 1995. We were coming here on a road trip, and that’s the day me and Mo got sent down. … Mo gave it up that last game. He was a starter. He gave it up and they sent me down. I think I was guilty by association. But they sent us down. The bags were packed and we were going to Detroit, so there was a lot of family and friends that had to change their plans.”

The video above is Jeter talking about how close he came to actually following through on a commitment to the University of Michigan (he also talks about why he never rooted for any of the professional sports teams in Michigan).

“When I really fell in love with (the University of) Michigan was when I went on a recruiting trip,” Jeter said. “I went on a couple of recruiting trips: Michigan, Notre Dame and Miami and there were a couple other ones that were set up. When I went to Michigan, I went to a football game. The guys took me out. I saw a couple of parties. So I was sold on the campus and the University of Michigan. Plus I had some friends that I went to high school with that went to Michigan. I just felt comfortable when I went on my trip there. My mom was pretty upset. She was a big Notre Dame fan. She wanted me to go to Notre dame. But I chose Michigan and I’m happy I did. I’m happy I had the opportunity to go to school there during the offseason.”

Someone mentioned that Jeter might go after his degree when he’s finished playing.

“Very true,” Jeter said. “You saw that movie Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. That’s going to be me right there. I’ll probably be Rodney’s age if I wait to have kids that are going to college. But you never know.”


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Girardi: “Stop it right now”

Derek Jeter

The Yankees weren’t going to win 20 in a row. A five-game winning streak was nice, and it gave some real reason for hope, but the streak was going to end at some point. We now know it ended last night.

Tonight is the night the Yankees have to keep a loss from becoming a free fall.

“We’ve got to find a way to win a game tomorrow and stop it right now,” manager Joe Girardi said. “Obviously we’re facing a good team and a good pitcher tomorrow, but we’ve got to get it done.”

The pitcher they’re facing is David Price, and the team they’re facing is pretty dangers, and the Yankees have to avoid one of their typical pitfalls this season. They’ve had a tendency to follow really good stretches with really bad stretches.

They won four in a row in mid-May, then lost four of the next five. Won eight of 10 in mid-June. Lost nine of the next 11. Won seven of eight after the All-Star break. Lost five of the next six. Won six of seven in early August. Lost the next five in a row.

“I guess you can’t think about it,” Jacoby Ellsbury said. “You’ve got to play to win, and not to lose. We just got to go out there tomorrow, compete and play like we have been. Hopefully we can go on another run, but all we can do is go out there, and I think our energy is what has helped us the last six or seven days. We just have to go out there and play the way we have the last six games.”

We’ll see. To a large extent Ellsbury is right. The Yankees were playing at least fairly well, and Monday’s win in Kansas City was a legitimately good one, and now they have a chance to keep going. There’s a big difference between being a team that’s lost two in a row and being a team that’s won six of seven.

Associated Press photo


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Postgame notes: “You’d like to be able to limit it a little bit more”

Brandon McCarthy

If a five-game winning streak is going to end, it might as well end like this. There was no one play that made the difference. No one player let them down. The Yankees simple did not pitch very well, didn’t hit very well, and they got beat by a pretty good Tigers team.

If the past five games were a reminder of how good the Yankees can be, tonight was a reminder of why they’re currently on the outside looking in for both the wild card and the division.

“We’re a team that, we play every day to win,” Brian McCann said. “We’re going to show up tomorrow and expect to win a ballgame.”

Make no mistake, the Yankees expected to win this one. Their offense looked pretty good last night, and they had arguably their top starting pitcher on the mound. That seemed like a good combination for a team that was riding a little bit of momentum. But it was clear in the second inning — when the usually in-command Brandon McCarthy hit a batter and walked two more, including the No. 9 hitter with the bases loaded — that the Yankees starter was off his game.

“I had the runners on because I wasn’t in a groove,” McCarthy said. “I just never felt settled in, never felt comfortable mechanically there. I wasn’t sharp right from the get-go. The middle few innings where I was able to work quickly, it felt like it was getting there, but it just wasn’t all the way back. It was just kind of a battle right from the start.”

On a night when the Yankees scored just two runs, it’s impossible to pin this loss entirely on McCarthy, but he did have his worst start since coming to the Yankees early last month. McCann said he thought the ball was coming out just fine, but McCarthy said he never felt it. He just didn’t have it tonight.

And too often this season, the Yankees offense has been unable to pick up a pitcher who inevitably just doesn’t have it.

“It sucks because as we get closer to the end, all of them become important,” McCarthy said. “I’ve thrown well enough to get through outings where I haven’t been as sharp, and today that’s the disappointment. I’d like to be able to fight back. You know days like this you’re going to give up some runs, especially against a good team like that. You’d like to be able to limit it a little bit more.”

Or make up for it a little bit more.

Derek Jeter• I know it’s frustrating for fans when teams start tipping their caps to opposing starters — especially when the team in question has consistently struggled to find enough offense — but Rick Porcello’s having a great year, and he kept the Yankees from making any sort of hard contact outside of the two Jacoby Ellsbury home runs. Porcello only struck out two, but he walked none and seven of his nine hits were singles. “I actually thought we swung the bats pretty decent,” Joe Girardi said. “We had nine hits off him. It’s hard to elevate the ball on him, so you’re going to see singles. You have to put a lot of singles together in the course of an inning to score runs. That’s what he’s so good at, being a sinkerballer.”

• Ellsbury was the exception to the rule. His two home runs gave him 13 for the year. He had three of the Yankees nine hits. He’s hit a home run in three of his past five plate appearances. “The stuff I’ve been doing before the games is basically the same stuff I was doing before (in) the season, throughout the season,” Ellsbury said. “But it’s nice to hit the ball hard and get results.”

• Ellsbury is 11-for-17 with a double and four home runs in his career against Porcello. “I can’t really explain it,” he said. “I mean I guess I got a couple of pitches I could hit and I didn’t miss them.”

• Otherwise, the Yankees didn’t have many chances. They were 0-for-3 with runners in scoring position and left five men on base. They hit into two double plays.

Jacoby Ellsbury• A positive sign for the offense: Brett Gardner said he did some short sprints inside today and felt pretty good. He’s hopeful that he’ll be in the lineup tomorrow night.

• A positive sign for the rotation: Masahiro Tanaka’s bullpen went just fine today, he felt fine afterward, and Girardi said he expects Tanaka to stay on course for Thursday’s sim game.

• What was McCarthy thinking in that second inning, when he walked two and hit a batter? “It’s just a matter of, figure this out really quickly,” he said. “I just felt really out of sync that inning. Threw a good pitch to end the inning. From that point on, I at least felt a little bit better, a little bit closer. There were just those little crisp finish on pitches weren’t there, and a couple of situations with runners on where I’ve got to be sharper. Those pitches just ventured too much over the plate.”

• Did McCann notice McCarthy’s mechanical mistakes in that second inning? “I didn’t,” McCann said. “It was coming out really good. He was just missing by, we’re talking inches. He fell behind. That’s the only inning that he lost command. … I thought he threw the ball well. I thought his stuff was there. I thought he threw the ball way better than his line. I didn’t think he pitched bad tonight.”

• Final word goes to McCarthy: “I just felt like one of those days where you’re not as sharp mechanically, you’re not as locked in as you’d like to be, where your arm is always where you’d expect it to be when the ball goes where you want. Days like that, when there’s a little bit of guesswork — where’s this pitch going to end up? — they happen. You just wish they didn’t happen against good teams like this.”

Associated Press photos



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Winning streak ends as McCarthy (and the lineup) struggle in Detroit

Brian McCann, Brandon McCarthy

Here’s what Joe Girardi said pregame: “I don’t know how you could for any more (than) what Brandon McCarthy has done, but we need him to continue to pitch like this.” That didn’t happen tonight. McCarthy’s worst start since joining the Yankees was a 5-2 loss to the Tigers, an obvious letdown that snapped a five-game winning streak and left the Yankees needing to win two in a row to win this three-game series. McCarthy had allowed more than two earned runs in only one of his eight Yankees starts — and never more than four earned — but this time he allowed five earned runs through 6.1 innings. He gave up nine hits, hit a batter for the first time since the trade, and walked in the first Tigers run. The Yankees offense couldn’t make up the difference. They’d progressively scored more and more runs through the five-game winning streak, but this time they took a step backward with their only two runs coming on a pair of solo home runs by Jacoby Ellsbury.

Associated Press photo


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Game 130: Yankees at Tigers

Derek JeterYANKEES (68-61)
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter DH
Brian McCann C
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Marin Prado 2B
Stephen Drew SS
Chase Headley 3B
Ichiro Suzuki LF

RHP Brandon McCarthy (5-2, 1.90)
McCarthy vs. Tigers

TIGERS (70-59)
Ian Kinsler 2B
Torii Hunter RF
Miguel Cabrera 1B
Victor Martinez DH
J.D. Martinez LF
Nick Castellanos 3B
Alex Avila C
Eugenio Suarez SS
Rajai Davis CF

RHP Rick Porcello (14-8, 3.10)
Porcello vs. Yankees

TIME/TV: 7:08 p.m., MY9 (pushed back to approximately 8:15 p.m.)

WEATHER: Hoping the rain holds off the rest of the night.

UMPIRES: HP James Hoye, 1B Bob Davidson, 2B John Tumpane, 3B Bill Welke

NEW MEMBER OF A STRONG GROUP: Jacoby Ellsbury recorded his 1,000th career hit in Monday’s win at Kansas City, in his 841st career game. He?is the 13th active player to accomplish the feat in as many or fewer games and first in the Majors since Dustin Pedroia. The others are Ryan Braun, Hanley Ramirez, Joe Mauer, Robinson Cano, Jose Reyes, Matt Holliday, Carl Crawford, Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

WALK ON THE MILD SIDE: Yankees pitchers have issued no walks in each of their past two games and three of their past five. Only Washington has had three consecutive games with no walks this season. Also, well done by whoever on the Yankees PR staff came up with “Walk on the Mild Side” as the name for this little tidbit in the daily media notes.

GREAT EIGHT: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Brandon McCarthy has produced the lowest ERA for any pitcher through his first eight starts with the Yankees since Jimmy Key went 3-1 with a 1.79 ERA in his first eight games with the club in 1993.

UPDATE, 8:51 p.m.: Well, Brandon McCarthy just walked in a run. He’s walked two batters and hit a batter this inning.

UPDATE, 8:52 p.m.: Got out of it with a double play to third.

UPDATE, 9:11 p.m.: At least McCarthy didn’t walk in this run. It’s a two-out single for a 2-0 Tigers lead in the third.

UPDATE, 9:35 p.m.: Jacoby Ellsbury’s 12th home run of the season cuts the Tigers lead to 2-1 in the fifth. Offense isn’t showing much, but with a five-game winning streak, I have to think there’s a little more confidence — compared to, say, a week ago — that the Yankees could get something going and take control of this game. Need to give it at one-run, though.

UPDATE, 9:53 p.m.: Couple of hits to open the bottom of the sixth. The Tigers have runners at second and third with no outs and a chance to do some damage here and extend the lead.

UPDATE, 9:55 p.m.: Make that three straight hits and a 3-1 Tigers lead. Still no outs.


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First pitch scheduled for 8:15 p.m.

The tarp is about to come off the field here in Detroit. The rain has gone away, and the Tigers have announced an 8:15 p.m. first pitch.



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Pregame notes: “We’re going to need him in there a lot”

Derek Jeter

Assuming the rain goes away, tonight will be Derek Jeter’s eighth start at designated hitter this season. He’s still a long way from his single-season career high — 25 DH games in in 2012 — but it seems significant that four of those turns at designated hitter have come in his past nine games.

Now that Carlos Beltran is available to play some right field, it’s clear that Joe Girardi is taking advantage of the opportunity to get Jeter a half day off now and then. Perhaps it’s strictly a rest issue. Perhaps it has a lot to do with Stephen Drew’s glove.

“I’m in the mode that I’m just taking it day by day,” Girardi said. “But with Carlos being able to go into the outfield once in a while, it gives me more flexibility to do this. … We’ve had some long stretches. We have a lot of lefties coming up the next five days after today where he’s going to play (probably at shortstop), so try to give him a little blow when I can. And I thought today was probably a good day. Two plane flights in two days, and as I said, we have day games after night games, so we’re going to need him in there a lot.”

Obviously Jeter prefers playing the field, but he said he understands the DH days, and he seems to embrace them — even when he’s had so many these past couple of weeks.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve done it,” Jeter said. “What, three or four times this year? I think a couple of years ago, in 2012, I may have done it 20 or 30-something times. Because of injuries, Carlos had to DH, so I haven’t really thought about it. My job is to come here, and when I’m in the lineup, play. I like to play every day. I like to play shortstop every day. Everyone is aware of that. But I get it. I understand it. We’ve had a long stretch here. I think we only have a couple of more days off, and then we have another long stretch at the end of the year. So, I don’t know what his plans are. My job is to play.’

Late last season, we saw Girardi use Mariano Rivera a little more heavily, making sure to get every last bit out of the retiring closer. Would he do the same with the retiring shortstop, running him out there with very little rest down the stretch?

“I don’t think I can play him much more than I’ve played him,” Girardi said. “He’s played in all but about 10 games maybe, maybe a few more than that, but there was a time when he missed three because his leg was bothering him. But when you get in these long stretches, these 13-game stretches, I’ve usually given him on day off. And that might be all he gets in this.”

Brett Gardner• Brett Gardner was hoping to run today, which he sees as the final test for his sore ankle. If he can run today, he thinks he should be available in some capacity tonight. Gardner didn’t run at all the past two days. “Hopefully that goes well and I’ll be available to play tonight,” he said.

• Here’s Girardi on his approach to the Gardner injury: “My concern was: he said he felt better but he needed to run,” Girardi said. “Gardy’s pretty tough, and Gardy’s played through a lot, which made me believe that it’s probably not 100 percent, which it might not be for a while. This extra day will probably do us some good. My concern is that he favors it, or that he gets out there and he can’t run, and then I’ve got to make a change. It can just really mess things up.”

• Not much concern about Mark Teixeira’s hamstring. “I think you’re always going to watch it a little bit,” Girardi said. “I think the day off probably helped, and we just tell him to play smart. I mean, he did play smart the couple of days that he had it, so he’s just going to have to continue to do that.”

• Masahiro Tanaka threw today, and as long as he still feels fine tomorrow, he’ll remain on track to throw a simulated game on Thursday.

• Initial Arizona Fall League rosters were announced this afternoon. The Yankees are sending RF Aaron Judge, 3B Eric Jagielo, OF/IF Tyler Austin and 1B Greg Bird. They’re also sending pitchers Caleb Cotham, Branden Pinder and Alex Smith. There remains a TBA spot on the roster listed as a Yankees catcher. Pretty interesting group of position players. I actually thought Ramon Flores might go, but I guess not. Jagielo seemed like a near lock in my mind after missing so much time. Bird and Austin make a lot of sense too.

• On the current Yankees momentum: “I think they feel pretty good about themselves,” Girardi said. “But the thing about baseball is you’ve got to go do it every day. It starts with your starting pitcher that night, and I don’t know how you could for any more (than) what Brandon McCarthy has done, but we need him to continue to pitch like this.”

• On the importance of three games against a team that’s also in the mix for the second wild card: “You’ve got to win the series. It’s extremely important. We know they’re a very good team, and we’re facing a good pitcher tonight who didn’t give up too many runs against us the last time. But Brandon pitched really well. You’ve got to win games.”

Associated Press photos


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