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Game 22: Yankees vs. Rays

Michael PinedaYANKEES (13-8)
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Chris Young LF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Chase Headley 3B
John Ryan Murphy C
Gregorio Petit 2B
Didi Gregorius SS

RHP Michael Pineda (3-0, 3.86)
Pineda vs. Rays

RAYS (11-10)
David DeJesus DH
Steven Souza Jr. RF
Asdrubal Cabrera SS
Evan Longoria 3B
James Loney 1B
Logan Forsythe 2B
Kevin Kiermaier CF
Brandon Guyer LF
Bobby Wilson C

LHP Drew Smyly (0-0, 3.86)
Smyly vs. Yankees

TIME/TV: 1:05 p.m., YES Network

WEATHER: Really nice day here in the Bronx. Sunny. Comfortable. Nice way to wrap up the home stand.

UMPIRES: HP Chad Fairchild, 1B Jim Joyce, 2B Greg Gibson, 3B Marvin Hudson

GOING DEEP: The Yankees are tied with the Orioles for fourth in the Majors with 27 home runs this season. They trail the Astros, Dodgers and Blue Jays (each with 28 home runs). The Blue Jays, Reds and Yankees are the only teams in baseball with at least four players who have at least four home runs (for the Yankees, that’s Teixeira, Rodriguez, Young and Drew).

FOUR IN THE SCORE: The Yankees are 12-3 when scoring at least four runs this season, and they’re 12-2 when allowing four runs or less.

ON THIS DATE: On April 29, 2006, the Yankees scored at least one run in every inning of a 17-6 win at Yankee Stadium, only the second such time in franchise history and the sixth in American League history.

UPDATE, 1:42 p.m.: Leadoff single in the top of the third is the first Rays hit of the game. Pineda’s looked sharp so far.

UPDATE, 2:07 p.m.: Ellsbury’s been on twice again today. He’s singled in his first two at-bats. Stole a base in the first inning; caught stealing in the third.

UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: Two-out, two-run triple by Kiermaier has the Rays in the lead, 2-0, here in the fourth inning. Pineda has been pitching well all game, but he’s worked slow and has occasionally looked weirdly uncomfortable on the mound. Rothschild went out to talk to him after the triple. He’s already at 74 pitches and David Carpenter is getting loose in the bullpen.

UPDATE, 2:39 p.m.: After going 55 at-bats without one, Chase Headley just homered to pull the Yankees within 2-1.

UPDATE, 2:46 p.m.: Pineda finished after 5.2 innings, and Wilson comes in to get the final out of the sixth inning. Yankees still down 2-1

UPDATE, 3:29 p.m.: Not sure why, but I’ve been completely unable to get into the blog since the last update. It’s now a tied game heading into the ninth. The Yankees tied it on a Chris Young home run in the sixth. Dellin Betances just pitched a 1-2-3 eighth inning, but he seemed to limp off the field after a ground ball to third base ended the frame.


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Pregame notes: “Is there concern? Of course there is.”

Masahiro Tanaka

At this time yesterday, Masahiro Tanaka has still not told the Yankees about his sore wrist. He hadn’t gone for the MRI that revealed a strained forearm, and he hadn’t received the diagnosis that spark renewed questions about his elbow and ability to avoid Tommy John surgery.

“When he came up and said his wrist hurt, I was like, wow,” Joe Girardi said. “Cause the starts were good, the bullpen session was good, and I wasn’t prepared for that. So that’s why I used the word a little shocked when I heard because everything had went great.”

Michael Pineda was actually supposed to throw a bullpen yesterday and Girardi stopped him in the early afternoon, explaining he might have to pitch today instead. And, of course, that’s exactly what happened.

After those first four starts this season, things were actually encouraging with Tanaka. He’d pitched especially well in the past two starts, and he’d complained of no soreness in his elbow or anywhere else. Now that we know the newest injuries, though, it’s hard to think of Tanaka in any other context. Sure, he was pitching well, but the Yankees have known for a long time that Tanaka’s capable of pitching well. But that’s only when he’s healthy enough to actually be on the mound.

“Is there concern? Of course there is,” Girardi said. “Anytime you have to shut a pitcher down, there’s concern. With what happened last year, I can’t tell you if they’re related or not, but you’re going to think about it. You’re going to think about a lot of different scenarios. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope it’s not much, but we’ll deal with it either way.”

Initially, when Tanaka was only complaining about a little wrist soreness, Girardi was thinking it might be a two-week issue.

“My recommendation was kind of a DL there and he would come back as soon as those 15 days were up because you could back-date it,” Girardi said. “And we were already 5 or 6 days. So with the little bit of a strain (as well), it’s definitely DL.”

That’s the only thing that’s certain for now. Tanaka is definitely on the disabled list. How long he’ll stay there and how soon he’ll be back on it remains anyone’s guess.

Alex Rodriguez• Would Girardi like to see Alex Rodriguez get No. 660 out of the way before this weekend’s series at Fenway? “It just might crowd our clubhouse a little bit more if he doesn’t,” Girardi said. “But it doesn’t matter either way. I’d prefer that he does it with two or three guys on today and gets it over with.”

• Even with another starter added to the disabled list, Girardi said he’d still consider using a spot starter during this next long stretch of games. Wonder if Bryan Mitchell might come up for a start in the next week or so.

• The Yankees have gotten eight scoreless innings out of their bullpen the past two days, but Girardi said the pen is still rested enough to handle today’s game. They’d like to get distance out of Michael Pineda, but it’s not a dire situation. “I think that’s important,” Girardi said. “But our bullpen’s OK. It helps that we have a day off tomorrow, I think that’s important. The only guy that I’d probably stay away from is Esmil.”

• Will the late change of plans impact Pineda today? “It shouldn’t be a factor,” Girardi said. “It probably won’t hurt him at all.”

• Around 10:30 this morning, Gregorio Petit walked into the Yankees’ clubhouse carrying the same bag he took out of the clubhouse yesterday. Teammates were laughing and offering hugs. A bizarre welcome back moment for a guy who barely left.

• Just a day off for Brett Gardner and Brian McCann against a left-handed starter.

• Because these seem a little more relevant now, here’s a quick update on Ivan Nova and Chris Capuano: Each one last pitched on Monday. Nova threw a simulated game, and Capuano pitched in extended spring training. Neither is ready to come off the disabled list just yet, obviously. “They did well,” Girardi said. “I’m not sure if the next step, because it was a shorter outing, if it’s Friday or Saturday.”

Associated Press photos


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Gardner sits vs. lefty in series finale 

Jacoby Ellsbury CF

Chris Young LF 

Alex Rodriguez DH 

Mark Teixeira 1B 

Carlos Beltran RF

Chase Headley 3B 

John Ryan Murphy C

Gregorio Petit 2B 

Didi Gregorius SS 

RHP Michael Pineda



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Tanaka added to DL; Petit recalled

As expected, the Yankees have placed Masahiro Tanaka on the 15-day disabled list and recalled Gregorio Petit. The move comes just one day after Petit was optioned, but he was allowed to come back so quickly because the corresponding move is to the D.L.


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Postgame notes: “Make sure that this doesn’t lead to the more horrific problems”

Masahiro Tanaka

First, the basics of what’s going on with Masahiro Tanaka:

He’s going on the disabled list tomorrow, and the Yankees will keep Chase Whitley in the rotation. Michael Pineda will start tomorrow’s game on regular rest, and it sounds likely Gregorio Petit will be activated just one day after being optioned (the Yankees can do that since it’s a reaction to a player going on the disabled list). Now, onto the bigger questions.

Masahiro TanakaWhat exactly happened to Tanaka’s forearm?
The short answer is, it seems no one is entirely sure. Tanaka said he felt fine after Thursday’s start in Detroit, and Brian Cashman said there were actually rave reviews about Tanaka’s bullpen on Sunday. Cashman said there was some early speculation — before the MRI results came in — that maybe some of the torque from that bullpen caused Tanaka to aggravate something in his wrist, but the tests actually came back negative in the wrist. The forearm issue that was discovered is incredibly mild and Tanaka never complained about it.

“He has the wrist complaint, but that led us to run into something else,” Cashman said. “So when you package it all together, we’re taking the safe conservative route. He has no complaint of his elbow, none, and he physically tests out fine with the elbow. I think he was surprised about the very small (strain) — and I stress small, I can’t even call it a Grade 1 — the very small signal in the forearm muscles. The combination of the tendinitis in the wrist — he throws that split finger — with the signal on the forearm muscle, Dr. Ahmad recommended the disabled list.”

Tanaka dismissed the idea that pitching on normal rest caused the issue, and Cashman repeatedly stressed that there’s been no physical change in the elbow, though it’s impossible for anyone to rule out the idea that this issue might be somehow related to the lingering elbow issue in one way or another.

Masahiro TanakaWhat does this mean for Tanaka’s elbow?
In the short term, nothing. I guess it means the elbow is going to get some unexpected rest, but ultimately the Yankees don’t seem to be approaching this as an elbow issue, and certainly not as an issue that changes their approach to Tanaka. They’re shutting him down to make sure this issue doesn’t spread to the elbow ligament.

“We want to make sure that we protect, obviously, the elbow because obviously the forearm protects the elbow,” Cashman said. “We want to make sure that this doesn’t lead to the more horrific problems that we’re trying to avoid.”

Tanaka said he doesn’t consider this to be an elbow issue. His wrist hurt, and he found out his forearm was slightly injured. That’s the immediate medical reality. The bigger medical reality is that the elbow is an issue that will linger over everything. The Yankees have treated Tanaka differently because of the elbow, and now they’re taking a typically cautious approach in an effort to further protect the elbow. This is nothing new, and Cashman said he still has no regrets about the way the Yankees have handled Tanaka’s health.

“Absolutely no regret because we’re following the medical directives,” Cashman said. “I can’t remember any time we’ve ever gone against doctors’ orders. Why would we? They’re the experts. We follow what they prescribe.”

Masahiro TanakaWhat will the Yankees change going forward?
It seems, not much. Cashman said the team would have reacted the same way should any pitcher get this diagnosis at this point in the season. They’re typically conservative, and they follow their doctors’ advice, and so Tanaka is being shut down for seven to 10 days before beginning the slow return.

“Nothing really big came out from the MRI or anything,” Tanaka said. “So I feel that I can come back strong.”

Joe Girardi has said since spring training, and he said again today, that the Yankees won’t ask Tanaka to stop throwing his split-finger because the split-finger is a big part of what makes Tanaka effective. It’s just a cost of doing business. He’d been throwing splits since early spring, and there was no issue until today, and even today’s issue seems relatively minor and so far seems to come with no additional damage to the elbow. Pitchers get hurt, and so far, this pitcher’s been hurt quite a bit in his year-plus with the Yankees. There’s surely some relief that this isn’t an elbow issue, but it’s still an issue.

“The fact that I’m talking to you right now, I don’t feel like is a good thing,” Cashman said. “It’s good that the elbow is fine as of right now, and there’s no change there. Listen, I wanted him to make his next start (before discovering the injury), but we’re going to do the right course of action to make sure when he’s on that mound he’s able to be the best he can possibly be. Could he pitch? He can take the ball. Should he pitch? We’ll have to wait until he’s 100 percent.”

Chase Whitley• After Chase Whitley pitched a 1-2-3 first inning, I tweeted that there was basically no circumstance in which Whitley would not be optioned tomorrow morning. Even if he pitched a complete game, I joked, he would still be sent down. Then this happened. “Right now he’s in our rotation,” Girardi said. “He will be here tomorrow.”

• Whitley nearly made the Yankees out of spring training, and tonight he finally got here and allowed one run through five innings. He pitched out of jams, struck out five, walked one and seems to made the most of this opportunity. “It feels good to be able to go out tonight and do my job,” Whitley said. “I’m not trying to look ahead to anything else, just pitch when and where they tell me to pitch.”

• Whitley was spot starting, and both Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller were unavailable after pitching the past two nights, and the pitching staff still allowed just two runs with 12 strikeouts. “To do what they did tonight, they’re pitching in roles that they’re not accustomed to, and they’re all thriving,” Brian McCann said.

• Chris Martin got the first save of his big league career. He’s been a really nice find early in the season. “I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t (feel different in the ninth),” Martin said. “It was a little nerve racking, but I settled down there for the first hitter.”

• Interesting that Girardi went with Martin instead of David Carpenter in the ninth. Girardi said he was saving Carpenter for just in case the Rays came back to tie the game and force extra innings. With Miller, Betances and Justin Miller having each pitched back-to-back games, Carpenter would have been the last line of defense.

Brian McCann, Chris Martin• Esmil Rogers went 2.2 scoreless innings with five strikeouts and one hit. He struck out half the batters he faced. He’s really been terrific in that long relief role. “A tremendous outing out of Esmil Rogers,” Giradi said. “Comes in with a runner on third and one out and gets two outs; strikes out the first guy, Beckham, then gets a ground out and gets us to the ninth inning. And then Martin does a really good job as well.”

• Three consecutive 10-strikeout games for the Yankees pitching staff. They have 11 games of 10 or more strikeouts this season, the most in the big leagues.

• Another big night at the plate for McCann who had two doubles and three RBI. Last night he had the big home run. “I feel good,” he said. “I’ve been feeling good all season long, to be honest with you. Hits are starting to fall and I’m finding the barrel.”

• Jacoby Ellsbury had his team-high eighth multi-hit game of the season. Since April 22 he’s hitting .429 with six runs and four stolen bases in six games.

• Ellsbury stole two bases tonight. Brett Gardner stole one. Those two are each hitting over .300 at the top of the order.

• Jose Pirela continued his Double-A rehab assignment and went 0-for-3 as Trenton’s starting second baseman. He was pulled for a defensive replacement in the bottom of the sixth, which I would assume is because the original plan was to have Pirela activated for tomorrow’s game in New York. Instead, Cashman said he’s expecting to bring back Petit.

• Final word goes to Girardi on Tanaka: “I was shocked because he said it was his wrist, and we had heard nothing in the five days that had led up to this. He threw his bullpen as scheduled he was ready to go tomorrow, so I was like, wow, it’s not what I expected. … We’re hoping that he gets the time off and he’s completely healthy. That’s what we’re hoping. It’s different than what he dealt with last year. He didn’t say nothing until today and he said that it was sore, he didn’t say it was bad. I was shocked when I heard it. It is what it is and you’ve got to deal with it.”

Associated Press photos


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Yankees win again, but lose Tanaka along the way

Rays Yankees Baseball

This game started with Masahiro Tanaka bobblehead dolls handed out at the gate. It ended with Tanaka going on the disabled list with a forearm strain. The injury thoroughly overshadowed a 4-2 Yankees win against the Rays. The Yankees will go for a series sweep tomorrow, but they won’t have Tanaka on the mound as scheduled. Instead, it seems Michael Pineda will make that start and Chase Whitley will stick around for a while after allowing one run through five innings tonight. The Yankees got two runs in the first inning, two more in the fifth, and have now won 10 of their past 12 games. Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits, Brian McCann had three RBI and Chris Martin got his first career save.

Associated Press photo



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Video: Masahiro Tanaka explains his wrist/forearm injury

Taboola Home/Section Front Player

Here’s video of Masahiro Tanaka explaining when exactly he began feeling pain in his right wrist. Tanaka said he does not believe the injury is related to his elbow and does not believe it was caused by pitching on normal rest last time out.


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Tanaka to the disabled list; expected to miss a month

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka is going on the disabled list with a mild forearm strain. He’s going to stop throwing for 7-10 days. According to Brian Cashman, the conservative guess is that Tanaka will miss roughly a month.

Plan is for Michael Pineda to start on normal rest tomorrow. Cashman hinted that Chase Whitley will likely stay in the rotation, with Gregorio Petit rejoining the team tomorrow.

“Let’s conservatively just throw a month out there until we get him back in the rotation,” Cashman said. “It could be sooner, but he’s a starter. You’ve got to build him back up. You shut him down. At the very least, seven to 10 days of no throwing, and that’s the least, so it could be more. When he feels better, we’ll get him going. You get him on a throwing program, then you get him back on the mound as long as all that goes fine. Then he’s got to get his pitch count back up, get him back into rehab games. Because he’s a starter, it’s a little bit more time because of that.”

Associated Press photo


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Game 21: Yankees vs. Rays

Chase Whitley

YANKEES (12-8)
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Brett Gardner LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Carlos Beltran RF
Garrett Jones DH
Chase Headley 3B
Stephen Drew 2B
Didi Gregorius SS

RHP Chase Whitley (2-0, 2.12 in Triple-A)
Whitley vs. Rays

RAYS (11-9)
David DeJesus LF
Steven Souza Jr. RF
Asdrubal Cabrera SS
Evan Longoria 3B
James Loney 1B
Logan Forsythe 2B
Kevin Kiermaier CF
Tim Beckham DH
Rene Rivera C

RHP Jake Odorizzi (2-1, 1.65)
Odorizzi vs. Yankees

TIME/TV: 7:05 p.m., YES Network and MLB Network

WEATHER: It’s a little cold, but nicer than last night.

UMPIRES: HP Marvin Hudson, 1B Chad Fairchild, 2B Jim Joyce, 3B Greg Gibson

VIEW FROM THE TOP: The Yankees are alone in first place in the A.L. East for the first time since May 19, 2014. Also, let that be a reminder: The Yankees were in first place later than this last season. How’d that work out?

DEALIN’ DELLIN: Dellin Betances has not allowed an earned run in 11.1 innings this season. His 11.1 innings are the most among MLB relievers with 0.00 ERAs. Batters are hitless in their past 22 at-bats against him with one walk and 12 strikeouts. Betances is one away from his career-best hitless streak (0-for-23 in April 2014), according to Elias. He is tied for third in the Majors in strikeouts by a reliever.

ON THIS DATE: It was on April 28, 1989 that Rickey Henderson hit the 36th leadoff home run of his career in a 3-1 win against the White Sox. The home run broke a tie with Bobby Bonds to give Henderson the most leadoff homers in baseball history.

UPDATE, 7:13 p.m.: Welcome back to the big leagues, Chase. There’s a 1-2-3 first inning for Whitley. Amazing thing is, he could pitch a completely game shutout tonight and he’d still be optioned to Triple-A tomorrow.

UPDATE, 7:24 p.m.: Yankees scored two quick runs in the bottom of the first. Ellsbury singled, stole second, took third on an error and scored on a grounder. Teixeira and McCann had back-to-back doubles. It’s a 2-0 lead for Whitley.

UPDATE, 7:28 p.m.: George King reports that Masahiro Tanaka is “believed” to have gone for tests on his right wrist today. It wouldn’t be all that unusual for him to have left the park early today — starting a day game tomorrow — but obviously a test on his wrist is something different altogether.

UPDATE, 7:37 p.m.: Whitley loads the bases with three soft singles but gets out of it with a relatively shallow fly ball to left and a routine ground ball to third.



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Pregame notes: Didi gets pregame shortstop pointers from A-Rod

Didi Gregorius, Michael Cuddyer

Before batting practice this afternoon, Didi Gregorius was on the field going through some drills at shortstop. His instructor: Alex Rodriguez.

“It’s just a veteran player looking to lend a helping hand in situations,” Girardi said. “Didi is still a young player. We know that there are going to be some things that he goes through that sometimes might be the first or second time. He’s not a seasoned veteran out there. Alex’s experience playing short and his experience playing here in New York can help Didi.”

We hear often that Rodriguez is a great teacher of the game. Players speak highly of the way Rodriguez talks hitting around the cage, and clubhouse interviews that get in-depth about the game can be legitimately insightful rather than cliche.

GregoriusRodriguezThis was one of those moments that we often hear about but rarely see.

“He’s making a lot of transitions,” Rodriguez said. “New York is one. The Yankees, things are different here for sure. The one thing about playing shortstop that I tried to convey to him was positioning, cadence and also that internal clock that a shortstop needs. You only get that with preparation and experience.”

Rodriguez said the Yankees’ coaching staff asked him to spend some pregame time with Gregorius on the field, and so today’s session was set up a few days ago.

“It was just more game situation (drills),” infield coach Joe Espada said. “I think kind of working on his game clock, knowing runners, outs, when to charge a ball and when to stay back on a ball. The situations that we have been working on throughout Spring Training and throughout the season. I wanted Alex to be out here to kind of give him some of that insight that, as a coach, I probably can’t give that view.”

Said Rodriguez: “The abilities are off the charts. I said that in spring training. We saw that in Spring Training. He’s got the things you can’t teach; incredible range, great arm strength. People forget, he’s only been playing shortstop for eight years. The more he comes out, the more he gets experience, the better he’s going to be.”

Obviously Gregorius and Rodriguez are off to basically opposite starts. Rodriguez has been a surprise in the best ways; Gregorius has been a disappointment in almost every facet. But Rodriguez was quick to remind everyone that it’s been only three weeks.

“It’s a process,” Rodriguez said. “Didi is going to be a fine shortstop here for a long time. I told him, sometime around June 15 or June 1st, he’s going to look at all of us and say, ‘I feel much more comfortable.’ It just takes a little bit.”

Gregorio Petit• Originally, Girardi said he expected to play Rodriguez all six games this home stand. Girardi said that plan changed last night when he decided to have Rodriguez play third base to give Chase Headley a day off. After a day in the field — and with a night game tomorrow — Girardi decided to give Rodriguez tonight off. No injury. He’s available if the Yankees need him.

• Does the decision to option Gregorio Petit indicate Jose Pirela is close to being ready to join the big league team? “It could,” Girardi said. That’s about as close to confirmation as we’re going to get. Seems pretty clear the Yankees are planning to activate Pirela to take Chase Whitley’s roster spot and replace Petit tomorrow.

• For the time being, the Yankees are taking a calculated risk by playing a game without a backup middle infielder. “I feel like I can put (Headley) at second base if I needed to,” Girardi said. “Realistically, I could put Al there, I’m sure. I think he would say, ‘Yeah, I’ll go out there and try it.’ We’ve been there before the last couple years, so there’s not a situation that I’m too worried about. If it happens, we’ll handle it.”

• Whitley pitched very well this spring and seemed to have a bullpen job locked up, but the Yankees preferred to have him stretched out for a spot start just like this one. “I’m sure he’s very excited,” Girardi said. “It was difficult to send him down because he meant a lot to us last year and pitched well in spring training. He understood why we did what we did. That doesn’t necessarily mean that as a player you want it to happen or you like it, but he went down there with the right attitude.”

• Worth noting that the Yankees preferred to have Whitley make a spot start today rather than last week against Detroit. Not sure this was a factor in the decision, but Whitley gets a much easier lineup this way. “He’s faced a number of teams in the big leagues now and understands how he got those hitters out,” Girardi said.

• The current situation in Baltimore hits home for Mark Teixeira who’s from roughly 30 minutes outside of downtown. His uncle is a priest at a downtown church that’s being protected by the National Guard. “People start attacking churches, it’s a good thing the National Guard’s there, because that’s the bottom of the bottom,” Teixeira said. “… Any time there’s a crisis, people step up. Good people always trump bad.”

• Because of the unrest in Baltimore, tomorrow’s game between the Orioles and White Sox has been moved up to 2:05 p.m. and will be played without fans allowed in the stadium. This weekend’s Orioles series against the Rays has been moved to Tampa Bay. Asked what it would be like to play a baseball game in a totally empty stadium, Teixeira deadpanned: “Did you ever go to a Rangers-Rays game between 2003 and 2005?”

• A quick bit of minor league news: Infield prospect Angel Aguilar has been added to the Charleston roster. I believe he opened the season in extended spring. Not a massive prospect, but good enough that it’s significant to get him into real games at the full-season level.

Associated Press photos


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