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Three Yankees “targets” I’m not buying11.20.10

In one way or another, these three have been linked to the Yankees, sometimes with nothing more than speculation. In one way or another, they all make sense for the Yankees, but I’m not sold on any of them as a legitimate fit.

ph_407849Bill Hall
Makes sense because… He’s a utility man who could give Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter their necessary days off while also helping in the outfield corners.

Not a fit because… There aren’t enough infield at-bats to justify the cost. The Yankees need to give Rodriguez and Jeter days off, but combined those two aren’t going to be sitting out as many as 10 games a month. Hall is overkill unless he’s willing to accept a tiny contract. Even then, his time at shortstop has been extremely limited the past four years. The Yankees have had luck with midseason bench additions – Hairston, Hinske, Berkman — and if they discover they need an impact utility-type, the past has shown that those sort of players are readily available on the trade market.

ph_457708Justin Upton
Makes sense because… He’s young, talented and has a contract that makes sense. Upton makes sense for every team in baseball.

Not a fit because… The Yankees have a good outfield as it is. Absolutely Upton would be a positive addition – the kid’s good — but the Diamondbacks are understandably asking for a significant return. Upton’s availability meant Brian Cashman had to make a phone call, but the Yankees have built a good farm system that’s ready to help at catcher and on the verge of restocking the rotation and bullpen. Why give that up to plug a hole that doesn’t exist? Upton is a nice dream, but not a realistic one. Worth the contract, but not worth the cost.

ph_400018Miguel Olivo
Makes sense because… Jorge Posada is no longer an everyday catcher, Francisco Cervelli has never been an everyday catcher and Jesus Montero is an unknown at the major league level.

Not a fit because… The Yankees aren’t going into next season with only one of Posada, Cervelli and Montero. They have all three, and all three give the Yankees a solid situation behind the plate. Defense is not going to be a strength there, but Cervelli will probably be better defensively than he was this season, and both Posada and Montero bring significant offensive potential. Bringing in Olivo would suggest the Yankees don’t think Montero can handle the job, and most indications are the opposite, that it’s time to put Montero behind the plate and see what happens.

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The Yankees are interested in…11.16.10

This winter, you can bet the Yankees will be linked to players other than Cliff Lee and Derek Jeter. Just this afternoon, they were reported to have interest in lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano and to have at least kicked the tires on Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton.

And we’re going to continue to hear these sort of connections all offseason. Some might lead somewhere. Most will be deadends.

“Right now it’s just a lot of people expressing interest, not necessarily making offers,” Brian Cashman said.

Feliciano makes obvious sense for the Yankees (and Cashman has acknowledged he’s looking for a lefty). Upton makes sense for basically every team in baseball — he’s still just 23 — and if he’s going to be moved, the Yankees have to at least make the phone call.

Whether it leads anywhere remains to be seen, but sometimes a player can be had for a lower-then-expected price. Just ask the Braves…

The Braves traded for Dan Uggla today, and got him for a good utility man (Omar Infante) and a former Yankees minor leaguer (Mike Dunn). Granted, Uggla is going to make considerable money in arbitration, but that’s still not a ton to give up. At least not in my opinion. Dunn originally went to the Braves in The Boone Logan Trade.

• The other significant moves of the day were the Cardinals re-signing Jake Westbrook and the Marlins signing John Buck.

The Rangers have also gone to Arkansas to meet with Cliff Lee.

• Roy Halladay won the NL Cy Young today, and he seemed to side with CC Sabathia in the AL Cy Young debate.

The Rockies released reliever Manny Corpas today. He would be a very attractive option for most teams — and might still be — but he did just have Tommy John surgery, so he could miss all of next season.

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