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Teixeira and Padilla07.29.12

Mark Teixeira and Vicente Padilla have a history and it isn’t a good one.

The latest chapter was written in the eighth inning Saturday night when Teixeira sent up a tying two-run homer to right off the Red Sox reliever, then walked very slowly out of the box, watching the ball fly out. Let’s start this off by saying that there was no way that ball was going to go foul since it was headed closer to the bleachers than the pole.

“I just want to make sure it was fair,” Teixeira said after the Yankees’ 8-6 loss, clearly not wanting to admit how much he enjoyed sticking it to Padilla. “The balls had been hooking a lot tonight. Curtis (Granderson) hit a few that hooked. So I didn’t want to waste a lot of energy running out of the box if that ball goes foul. It’s been a long day. But it felt good.”

Teixeira has accused Padilla of throwing at batters. He has been hit by Padilla three times. After Padilla gave up a big triple to Teixeira earlier this month, Teixeira had some unflattering words about him. Padilla then accused Teixeira of threatening him with a bat when they were Texas teammates and of having problems with Hispanic players, and said Teixeira should try “a women’s sport.”

Teixeira said he has no reason to try to clear the air with Padilla.

“There’s no problem,” Teixeira said. “If he hits me again, there might be a problem. But until then, we’ll just play baseball.”

Here are Teixeira’s career numbers now against Padilla: 4 for 12 with three homers.

It has been a big July for Teixeira. He has 27 RBI, his second-best total in a calendar month as a Yankee. He also owns 18 RBI in eight games vs. the Red Sox. Only Roger Maris has driven in more runs for the Yankees against Boston since 1960, knocking in 19 in 1961.


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Yankees postgame: Grandy messes up for a change07.28.12

Curtis Granderson has played a wonderful center field for the Yankees, but he had a bad moment in the ninth and it cost the Yankees this game against the Red Sox.

It was 6-6 with Jacoby Ellsbury on first and one out in the ninth when Pedro Ciriaco hit the drive to center.

“I thought (Ciriaco) was good and we were lucky,” Bobby Valentine said.

Because Granderson broke in, then drifted back, got twisted around and missed in his reach for the ball.

“We haven’t seen much of that, him getting turned around like that,” Joe Girardi said.

Ellsbury scored and Ciriaco ended up on third. Then he scored on Dustin Pedroia’s sacrifice fly.

“You’re going to make some mistakes out there,” Granderson said. “I didn’t get the best read on it. … I just didn’t think it was hit that hard.”

CC Sabathia really didn’t help the cause, either, allowing six runs and eight hits over six innings.

“It’s tough … not being able to get out there and pitch the way you want, especially against a team in your division,” Sabathia said.

Nick Swisher struck out as a pinch hitter in the ninth after failing to start for the seventh straight game because of that strained hip flexor. Swisher wants back in Sunday night in the series finale.

“I think to be able to pinch hit after sitting on the bench for three hours, you’d be able to DH at least,” Swisher said. “We’ll come back here tomorrow and see what they say.

“I’ve been penned up for a while. I’m ready to go.”

Ichiro Suzuki has hit in all five games as a Yankee. Robinson Cano had his 13-game hitting streak against Boston snapped.

I’ll have more on Mark Teixeira’s homer off Vicente Padilla in our 9 a.m. posting.

Sunday night’s pitching matchup pits Hiroki Kuroda and Felix Doubront.

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Game 100: Yankees vs. Red Sox07.28.12

Yankees lineup

1. Derek Jeter SS

2. Curtis Granderson CF

3. Mark Teixeira 1B

4. Robinson Cano 2B

5. Andruw Jones LF

6. Jayson Nix 3B

7. Russell Martin DH

8. Ichiro Suzuki RF

9. Chris Stewart C

CC Sabathia LHP

Red Sox lineup

1. Jacob Ellsbury CF

2. Pedro Ciriaco DH

3. Dustin Pedroia 2B

4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B

5. Cody Ross RF

6. Will Middlebrooks 3B

7. Kelly Shoppach C

8. Mike Aviles SS

9. Daniel Nava LF

Jon Lester LHP


TV/Radio: FOX/WCBS 880

Umpires: Tom Hallion HP, Brian O’Nora 1B, Chad Fairchild 2B, Alfonso Marquez 3B

Weather: 69 degrees, cloudy


10 count: The Yankees have scored at least 10 runs five times this season — three times against the Red Sox.

More Yankees vs. Red Sox: The Yankees are 6-1 vs. Boston, their best start against the Red Sox since 1994 when the start was also 6-1. The Yankees have won nine of the last 11 games against them overall.

Streaking: Robinson Cano has a 13-game hitting streak against Boston.

Milestone watch: Ichiro needs one homer for career No. 100.

Update, 6:15: Sabathia gives up three straight hits with one out, 1-0 Sox.

Update, 6:18: Sabathia throws a fastball right down the middle to Middlebrooks, two-run double to the left-center gap, 3-0.

Update, 6:29: 1-2-3 first for Lester.

Update, 6:41: Good bounce-back inning for Sabathia, 1-2-3.

Update, 6:49: Lester gets Nix looking at a 95 mph fastball at the knees, another 1-2-3 inning for the lefty.

Update, 6:56: Sabathia has settled down, now retired seven straight after a three-up, three-down third.

Update, 7:05: Chris Stewart’s solo homer was the first hit off Lester and snapped Stewart’s 105 at-bat homerless stretch dating to last year with the Giants. 3-1 after three.

Update, 7:11: Sabathia throws a hitless, one-walk fourth.

Update, 7:23: Teixeira gets the Yankees’ second hit with a single, but Cano lines into an inning-ending double play. Lester is looking good after delivering the worst performance by a Boston pitcher since 1983 last time out, allowing 11 earned runs in four innings against Toronto.

Update, 7:36: The Red Sox have been overdue for a good game. They’re up 6-1 now that Adrian Gonzalez has reached the seats for a three-run homer in the fifth.

Update, 7:45: Nix gets the Yankees to down three with a two-run homer to the short porch in right.

Update, 7:51: Lester is suddenly struggling. Walk, single by Ichiro, sacrifice, Jeter RBI ground out, it’s 6-4.

Update, 8:14: Lester settles down again, 1-2-3 sixth. David Phelps will replace Sabathia for the seventh.

Update, 8:23: Ichiro showed off his speed, running down a drive to right-center by Gonzalez to end the Boston seventh.

Update, 8:25: Matt Albers comes on to pitch for Boston. Eric Chavez will bat for Nix.

Update, 8:33: Albers does his job, 1-2-3.

Update, 8:44: Phelps gives up a single in the eighth and strikes out the side. Teixeira’s good friend, Vicente Padilla, is on for the eighth. Ibanez will bat for Stewart.

Update, 8:47: Single for Ibanez.

Update, 8:52: Granderson just misses foul with the tying two-run homer, then goes down swinging. Teixeira would love to tie it against his arch enemy.

Update, 8:55: Teixeira ties it against his arch enemy, lingered slowly near the plate to watch it fly out.

Update, 9:00: The Yankees lose the DH now. Soriano on to pitch and he’s in the fifth spot in the order. Ibanez goes to left. Martin catches.

Update, 9:10: Granderson messed up a drive from Ciriaco, RBI triple, 7-6.

Update, 9:13: Sac fly Pedroia.

Update, 9:24: Yankees lose 8-6.

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Tex sends a message about hustle07.28.12

Mark Teixeira gave a lesson in the value of hustling in the Yankees’ 10-3 win over the Red Sox Friday night.

The Yankees scored three runs in the first to take a 3-1 lead, the last two on a homer by Raul Ibanez. But it should’ve still been 1-0 Boston.

“I think Tex caused that inning to happen by his hustle,” Ibanez said.

Teixeira hit into what should’ve been an inning-ending 4-6-3 double play. But shortstop Mike Aviles was slow in turning it.

“Teixeira, you have to give him credit for running out that ball like he did, beating that double play,” Bobby Valentine said.

“I think it turned the game a little bit,” Joe Girardi said.

“With my speed, I always feel like I have a chance to beat it out,” Teixeira deadpanned.

Actually, this was ingrained in him a long time ago.

“I’ve always hustled,” Teixeira said. “My dad, when I was a kid, never got mad at me for striking out or popping up or making an error. But if I didn’t hustle, that’s when he would get on me. I think it’s just a lesson that I learned as a young kid.”

The little things can mean a lot.

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Yankees postgame: Tale of two injured-riddled teams07.28.12

The Yankees sure have done a better job getting past their injuries than the Red Sox. They have more talent and more depth than the Red Sox have, too. The pitching is much better. The gap between these first- and last-place teams is now 11 1/2 games after this 10-3 win by the Yankees.

“They don’t focus on the negative,” Joe Girardi said. “They focus on the job at hand. Because you’re going to go through injuries. Every team is going through it. We’re not immune to it. But they focus on what they’ve got to do that day. Who’s in the lineup, they go to work, pitchers go to work, and they try to win a game.”

The Yankees have had 13 players on the DL. The Red Sox have had 22. But Carl Crawford and Jacobi Ellsbury have been back since mid-July. Big Papi Ortiz is due back next Wednesday. The team has lost six of seven to fall to 49-51. The Yankees were saying not to count them out yet. Bobby Valentine was saying the same thing.

“We’ll turn it around,” Valentine said. “We haven’t had our big streak yet. That’s the good news.”

Ichiro went 1 for 4 in his debut in the pinstriped threads. He appreciated the warmth shown by the fans.

“Usually, I come in and the fans behind me are pretty tough on me,” Ichiro said. “But tonight they were great. They were awesome.”

He sure seems to appreciate being here.

“I was very excited,” Ichiro said. “My first game here in Yankee Stadium was against the Boston Red Sox. In Japan, you twist your cheek to see if it’s real or not, if I’m not dreaming. That’s really how I feel right now.”

Phil Hughes gave up three solo homers but only two other hits in seven innings. He’s up to 10-8 after his first win since July 1.

“With nobody on, the last thing I want to do is walk guys,” Hughes said. “That can lead to big innings. If I give up a solo home run here or there, I can work around that and find kind of a rhythm.”

Eric Chavez got hit high on the side of the right ankle in the eighth. He left after the inning when it tightened up, then met the media with a big wrap on it.

Chavez said it looked worse than it was. He said X-rays were negative, that it was just a bruise. He wasn’t sure if he would be available off the bench today. But he isn’t scheduled to start at third these next two games with lefties pitching.

“If there’s a good time to get hit, it was a good time,” Chavez said.

Today’s pitching matchup will feature CC Sabathia and Jon Lester.

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Yankees postgame04.07.11

Nick Swisher expressed remorse after the Yankees’ 4-3 win over the Twins.

“It’s sad,” Swisher said. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

He injured Minnesota’s new second baseman, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, with a hard take-out slide to the inside of the bag in the seventh. Swisher broke up the double play, but he also fractured Nishioka’s left fibula. Before Nishioka left Yankee Stadium, Swisher visited with him and told him that he was sorry.

“I’m glad I got a chance to talk to him,” Swisher said. “It definitely eased my mind. He told me, ‘It’s not your fault. Don’t feel bad.’ I know I play hard, but you don’t ever want to go in there trying to hurt somebody.”

Ron Gardenhire gave Swisher a pass.

“It was a good slide,” the Minnesota manager said. “Swisher is a clean player.”

A.J. Burnett was healthier than during his first start when he was plagued by sinus and throat infections, yet the result was the same. He won again. But he has been Mr. April for the Yankees, now 7-0 with a 3.91 ERA in 12 starts during this month in three seasons here. He knows he needs to find the consistency in the rest of the months.

Still, his changeup has been effective for him so far.

“I’ve said all along it’s a big pitch for me,” Burnett said. “Hopefully this year the stubbornness is gone and I can use it more like I did today.”

Joe Girardi likes what he has seen so far. Burnett has tweaked his delivery slightly since last season.

“I’ve seen a difference in his stuff,” Girardi said. “His breaking ball is totally different from last year. It had more of the downward (movement) that we were accustomed to seeing in 2009 and that I watched so much on tape in 2008, when I watched him pitch against us.”

Rafael Soriano pitched a one-hit eighth and certainly had better command than Tuesday night when he walked a career-high-tying three and was charged with a career-high-tying four runs in the 5-4, 10-inning loss. He said his arm was looser in this appearance.

“I felt better today,” Soriano said. Yes, he did meet with the media, unlike after the previous outing.

So now it’s Yankees-Red Sox. The three-game series starts Friday at 2:05 with the Phil Hughes and John Lackey as the starters. The Yankees, as they should, are still expecting Boston to be formidable despite its surprising 0-6 start. This will be the Red Sox’s home opener. 

“They know they’re a very good club and we know that as well,” Girardi said. “They have veterans. I’m sure there’s no panic in that room.”

It will be interesting to check out the mood outside that room, specifically with the fans in the stands.

“There are 156 games left,” Derek Jeter said. “I’m pretty sure they’ll win their share of games. I think a lot of times people pay too much attention to the first week of the season.”

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Underdogs speak out, Granderson update, transactions03.30.11

The Yankees were hit with so many questions at today’s Yankee Stadium workout regarding how they feel about being underdogs, with the Red Sox being labeled as the favorites in the AL East. C.C. Sabathia saw a benefit to it.

“It kind of feels good to have everybody not picking us and us go out and kind of sneak up on some people … as crazy as it sounds with the talent that we have in here,” Sabathia said. “Nobody seems to believe in us but us. So we’ll see.”

 Joe Girardi found it kind of strange to hear “underdogs” and “under the radar” associated with the Yankees.

“But I don’t know if we’re going to sneak up on anyone,” he said. “I think people are pretty excited when we come to town. But it is unusual.”

Mark Teixeira isn’t conceding to the Red Sox, especially since there are still 162 games left on the schedule.  

“We don’t come here to come in second place,” Teixeira said. “We came here to win the championship. Anything less is unacceptable.”

So do you think the Red Sox look better on paper than the Yankees at this point? I would at least take the Yankees’ bullpen over Boston’s any day. 

In other news:

Curtis Granderson tested his oblique again in a minor-league game in Florida against some Class A members of the Pirates’ organization. He played center for five innings and went 2 for 5 with two doubles. Afterward he told the AP: “I’m ready. Everything was good today.” So he’s supposed to be here for the opener and bat eighth.

The Yankees officially added Gustavo Molina to the roster, along with Luis Ayala, Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon. Girardi said he liked Ayala’s velocity and sinker, and the ability to induce ground balls. 

Pedro Feliciano and Francisco Cervelli’s DL stays were made retroactive to March 22. Colin Curtis, Damaso Marte and Reggie Corona were put on the 60-day DL.  Romulo Sanchez was designated for assignment, although he has a chance to pitch in Japan.

A.J. Burnett has a head cold, but Girardi thinks he should be OK for Saturday’s start.

Phil Hughes has been moved to Andy Pettitte’s old locker. Actually, he found some of Pettitte’s stuff still in there. So what did Hughes do?

“Threw it away,” Hughes said.


“Just kidding,” he said.

Hughes gave the pictures and books to the clubhouse manager to send to Pettitte.

Here’s the Detroit lineup:

1. Austin Jackson

2. Will Rhymes

3. Magglio Ordonez

4. Miguel Cabrera

5. Victor Martinez

6. Ryan Rayburn

7. Jhonny Peralta

8. Brandon Inge

9. Alex Avila

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